Critters and wildlife in your area - post your pics

I know, it's just a moth. I was in such awe of its size.

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It's actually quite beautiful!

Apparently there are more and more cougar sightings around here.
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And he is too! Although I really don't want to come to face-to-face with him unless there was a fence between us!🤣

Not my video, but this was a critter cam somewhere in the Nat'l Forest that surrounds my place. I've only seen one of these one time but it was in northern New Mexico, not here. Aren't they CUTE!

And those are adorable!
First praying mantis that I've seen this year. Or at least that I've noticed.
My husband told me something I never knew about them! The larger ones will eat small birds, even hummingbirds!?😳
So yesterday I was out with the dogs when I saw 2 small brown animals racing along the house. They ran into the fence, through the flower garden, under the steps, then came out and the first brown one hightailed it out of the fence and into the woods. It turned out to be a chipmunk chasing a weasel when they ran past my feet. I didn't have a camera with me but you would think it would be the other way around.
Aw man! :facepalm: this could have been a great shot if they only would have started honking a little bit earlier! LOL I'm walking Kali when I heard the honking and looked up and they were coming right at me, and went right over my head. But this is all I got LOL it was a nice v-shaped formation against a beautiful cloudless sky and low enough for a good shot. Darn it. 🤣
Anybody else have these? Apparently its called a sphinx moth or hummingbird moth. For reference thats a hybiscus flowerView attachment 137703View attachment 137704
I haven't seen them in years but I think what I saw a long time ago was the same thing. I actually posted a video here of me moving in closely to get a shot of it when it suddenly moved and freaked me the hell out LOL but it was a long time ago. I don't know if I could find that video. And I'm not even sure if it's the same thing. But it was really big!
Man, I need to visit this thread more!

@Gpcoguy we just saw a hummingbird moth the other day on our butterfly bushes! They are super cool!

I was cutting off some spent parts of said butterfly bushes and spotted one our mantis babies (when the ootheca hatched earlier this year, I had put a couple babies in the front of the house to spread them out)! Looks a little smaller than yours, @MyBuddy

While our hummers aren't quite the same caliber as @Ravenbird, they are definitely picking up their activity! The other day, I said we've never seen two sharing a feeder. Gosh darn if there isn't now a duo hanging out in the back yard all day :rofl: And this little lady has been hanging out on this feeder I have outside the office window.


We were still battling bunny nests up until a week ago, yet. I'm SO OVER all these bunnies.

We've seen no foxes or coyotes this summer. I wonder if the bunny population everywhere is just so robust they don't have to travel far. If that's the case, I'm hoping for a fox/coyote boom next summer.