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Canidae dry food ?

Discussion in 'Doberman Nutritional Care' started by C908, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. C908

    C908 Notable member

    I've been researching food again giving consideration to Canidae dry food. So far from what I have read this brand checks out pretty good. I was wondering if any of you are using it and what your thoughts are ? I'm currently using Natural Balance Lamb & Rice limited ingredient but thinking about making a change.

  2. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I know Preacher has had his issues with allergies, does he have to be on a grain free diet because of that? Just a quick look tells me most, if not all varieties are grain free. The biggest concern for me is the fact that the variety I looked at had peas and potatoes pretty high on the list of ingredients. Recent studies are pointing to those ingredients as being a potential problem.
    Here's a link with the best info I could find Canidae Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, Recall History and Our Rating
    I wish I could feed raw but Drake didn't do well on it at all. He loved it but the results were not good. I decided on a rotation diet with toppers that has worked really well for both of my dogs. It's tough finding something that works. I wish you luck.....
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  3. C908

    C908 Notable member

    I have been reading a lot about food and the connections to DCM. For this reason we have always avoided grain free food. We have decided his problems seem to be more environmental than food related. He has been on Natural Balance Lamb and Rice limited ingredient for several months but seems to have gotten tired of it. I still had some Fromm left so we did a 50 50 mix yesterday and he seemed to like it. We use the Adult Gold which does have grain. I think we will go back to it for a while and hopefully not have any negative reaction. Looking at the list of 16 foods reported to be linked with DCM cases I see Fromm listed. I would think this is probably referring to some of the grain free foods they offer. That list also included some of the big name foods that are popular. What makes me wonder is I don't see any of the cheaper brands that you would think would be on the list.
  4. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I’ve not heard of this brand of dog food in the UK and it’s not on our dog food advisor list. Have you got a link to the ingredients?
  5. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber


    I’ve been feeding this food for many years now, since the whole Blue Buffalo thing blew up.

    When we started feeding this food we still had Daisy, and she had severe allergy to corn, so finding a food free of corn was prime concern.
    As a bonus Rocky seemed a little less gassy than he was on Blue, Nutro, or Purina Pro Plan Sport.

    They are, in fact a “local” company for us, their in Norco/Corona. That area is a little slice of the country in the middle of So Cal. Most folks have horses, mini ranches. It’s a close knit community where everyone knows everyone, most men where cowboy hats.

    Their Main Street and shops have public parking for cars like a normal street, but there’s also hitching posts everywhere because people ride their horses to town.

    Canidea ingredients checked out for our dogs needs, and I choose to support a local business over the big corporate names.
    That’s just me:)

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  6. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Oh, and we feed the ALS recipe, conviently available in the larger 40lb bag:thumbsup:
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  7. Gman88

    Gman88 Hot Topics Subscriber

    I've been using the Canidae multi protein formula "the big bag" for the better part of this year. I'm happy with the results.

    My guy started out on Purina when I got him, i switched him to Merrick and that lasted for 2 bags... Since then, Canidae caught my eye and after looking at the ingredients it checks the boxes I was looking for.

    I'd recommend the food as I'm happy and my dogs love it.
  8. Nan0417

    Nan0417 New Member

    I tried feeding lula that brand with duck in it, but didn’t have the best of luck with it. She’s so picky, but one of the cashiers helping us told us it’s one of the best brands right now
  9. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Bingo. In a lot of the “panic” posts on Facebook, the “safest” options being suggested are the foods backed by scientists and nutrition experts. Guess who can afford to employ teams like that? The likes of Science Diet and Purina. That said, AFFCO approves all the kibbles on the market, so why are things so mixed up?
  10. C908

    C908 Notable member

    Thank you for the responses, this will be a food I strongly consider.
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  11. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Thanks for posting!
    You reminded me I needed to go get another bag!

    And I was mistaken before, the bag is not 40lbs, it’s 44lbs.
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  12. Logan 45

    Logan 45 $ Premium Subscriber $ $ Forum Donor $

    I’m currently working towards going raw and I currently feed Fromm gold and canidae was definitely one I looked into but I chose Fromm gold because it doesn’t contain peas. With that said Canidae was one of the best brands I looked into.
  13. Gman88

    Gman88 Hot Topics Subscriber

    Same bag in my pantry!..... do you supplement with anything else?
  14. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    The chicken broth is (I believe?) a little lower in sodium.
    This broth is about the lowest sodium I can find?
    4BF28FE1-60E2-4839-B899-73A0A339F936.jpeg 46056DCE-08AB-4516-89BF-8761B239C741.jpeg 7AC0FC19-A5AF-4C98-8A0E-BD37DC16D060.jpeg

    And, he’s only getting a shot glass or so with dinner.
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  15. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    On occasion we throw a little live culture yoghurt in there.
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  16. Gman88

    Gman88 Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm gonna have to give that a try... I put a sardine and an egg in his feed once a week.
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  17. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Nothing wrong with that as well.
  18. Max Hawk

    Max Hawk Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm in about the same train of thought too... I had not used grain free until the last few years and they seem to do fine ..I always have toppers too.. mainly chicken or turkey, beef etc.. Joe recently seemed to have a stomach issue so my local pet store recommend a Diamond variety that he said was a knock off on the vet brand.. but after all the blow up about heart I saw that it was a lot of potato.. I'm simply going to switch it up with another food new shipment from Chewy.. I tend to be a bit skeptical about food being a big factor in any type of heart disease. In an older dog who's had years of the same food perhaps but I still feel there has to be mainly a genetic factor.. sigh Well we can only do the best we can but a variety of food seems to me the best way to go. Always trying to do the best for them.. I have not had a Doberman yet with heart problems so I'm sure hoping to continue being lucky on that one.
  19. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    I’m on the fence as well. But I think food does play a roll.

    While it looks genetic, in the US we have much more DCM than Euro bread.
    EU doesn’t allow GMO grains/produce.
    Is that genetics or food?
    Heart disease is heart disease, isn’t it?
    Fatty foods are avoided sos not to become obese, which usually has cardiac issues tagging along.

    Looking at breeders I found one with Euro imports, clean health, clean parentage and lineage. One oh her dogs still died of cardiac related issues.
    I know a member here with a Euro import, clean lineage, no DCM history. His boy passed in his sleep one night:(
  20. C908

    C908 Notable member

    I have a question about the Sardines ? I thought I read where feeding Sardines once a week is a good source of taurine. Wondering how many of you do the weekly sardine feeding ?

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