Can I get a witness?


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THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!! And yes, that is exactly how these two are....I check in on them when the people are gone for a long day, and they growl at me EVERYTIME! One jumps up and bites me through my jeans. I talk to them really sweet, and give treats but they just spit them out and bark at me. Not a fan of schnauzers....but also realize they are a product of their owners.
Product of their owners, except they lean this way no matter what kind of owner they have. I worked at a vet clinic for a while and they had a boarding & grooming operation going on the side. I never met a mini schnauzer that wouldn't bite. Standard schnauzers were fine. It's interesting to note that 30 years later it's still the same... I do hope you can fix your situation, that's so stressful to not be able to let your dogs zoom in the front yard without risk!

Two Dobes

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because it seems to me like they rely on you to manage the situation on their behalf, like how my neighbor wants the dogs to meet in order to stop the barking, yet the barking issue is something they should be managing through training.
RIGHT!!! Thank you all for your input....I knew I was not alone on this issue...
Anyway, since you can get Clarke to do whatever you want, do you think you could train him to harbor some bees in his mouth and release the bees on command?
THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! :thumbsup: