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Bump on chin


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I need help. I know doberman can have skin issues. She has bumps on her chin. It started to bleed today. Her bowl is stainless steel water and food dish. Could this be from a toy or food. She is only 8 months old. I am going to make a vet apt. But I want to see if anyone has any ideas


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No need for a vet appt really.

That is most likely chin acne from eating dog food. Both of mine had it- I just wipe their chin after they finished eating.

It may take a bit but it will go away if you keep their mouth/chin clean.


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Use some chlorhexidine wipes to sterilize her chin after eating. Works great for chin acne and any other skin issues. That should clean it right up.


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Yes it could also be from toys. Wash any rubber toys and any stuffed toys.
Yes clean the chin after eating with a mild soap. Put warm compress on the area 3-4x's a day.

Wash bowls every day.

Can put Calendula on the area.
It relieves pain and inflammation and its antimicrobial properties will also prevent infection.