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Breeders beware


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THIS IS SCAREY SHIT!!! PLease think what one crack pot buyer or even a neighbor who does not like you can say. These people look for an excuse.

A reinforcement to all past warnings ... *L*


I'm also including the link for the H$U$ forms, (PDF file) , for your review.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009
HSUS Turn In A Breeder Program
Breeders, BEWARE. Yep, I'm talking to ALL breeders...especially those that have their heads buried in the sand thinking they are above reproach...The HSUS is taking names and they want YOU. (yes, that includes the hobby/show breeders too), courtesy of their "Pet Seller Complaint Form".

BEWARE: If you sell someone a puppy and for whatever reason that person is not happy with their new little fluffy bundle of joy, YOU can be turned in to the HSUS!!! Yes, folks, the HSUS has now appointed themselves "breeder watchdogs"...All a person has to do is download the 6 page form (count 'em **6** pages of forms), fill them out with their name and contact information and supply the BREEDER'S contact information, then submit copies of the packet (with all contracts, registration, medical records, etc) to the following:

Once this form is complete and additional documents have been attached make six copies of your packet. - Send one copy to Puppy Mills, The Humane Society of the United States, 2100 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20037.
- Send one copy to the Department of Agriculture in the state in which the breeder does business.
- Send one copy each to the Attorney General of the state in which the breeder resides and to the Attorney General in your state.

- Save one copy and all originals for your records.

Folks, it is this simple: The HSUS is NOT a government agency. The HSUS is NOT a law firm. The HSUS is NOT a law enforcement agency nor does it have enforcement powers. What the HSUS is, in fact, is a multi mega dollar Animal Rights group out to destroy dog breeders, the fur trade, the meat and dairy industry, and would LOVE nothing more than to see America become a land of tofu munching vegans.

Does this description sound familiar? It should. The HSUS has the SAME agenda as their Animal Rights cousin, PeTA. However, the HSUS has chosen to disguise themselves as a "animal protection agency" dressed in thousand dollar suits and driving Jaguars.

So, before any of you write and say, "I'm a responsible breeder and I guarantee all of my puppies and I only breed to better the breed"...You are not immune. Most people that I know have a website with their contact information listed (or even if you don't, it is VERY easy to get by anyone). The website may be nothing more than a way to show off your show wins, your stud dog, etc. Just a site of general information for potential puppy buyers. Let's say that one night a Animal Rights foot-soldier is cruising the 'net and stumbles onto your site. Maybe they don't like the fact that you show dogs, maybe they don't like the breed of dog(s) that you own, maybe they don't like the fact that you are a breeder period.

So the AR zealot decides to turn you in to the HSUS...even though this person has never met you, much less bought a puppy from you. BAM! All of your information is now in the hands of the enemy...the group that is working THIS YEAR to bring down "the rest of us" with the introduction of the PUPS bill in congress.

My best advice: protect yourselves. Don't post personal contact information on your website. Be extra careful of AR lunatics posing as "puppy buyers". And most importantly: DO NOT SIGN AWAY YOUR DOGS and DO NOT let any "humane" officer onto your property without a WARRANT. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on t.v., if you need legal advice contact an attorney to find out what laws are in your state)

For more information on what to do (and what NOT to do) when Animal Control Comes Knockin' on your door, please see "How To Respond to Anti-Dog Enforcement" and "A Dog Owner's Rights" on the American Dog Owners Association website.

This is not good. Not for any breeder. If a puppy buyer is mad enough, or feels they have been "scammed" , YOU can now be "turned in"...but what makes this so terrifying is that the HSUS will have ALL of YOUR information. Pretty handy information for an Animal Rights group to have laying around, huh? To be used for WHATEVER purpose they see fit: RAIDS, comes to mind. Especially if you have "pit bulls" (which the HSUS loves to see killed at every opportunity) or breeds of dogs that are in high demand from the public.

What would YOU do if the HSUS came-a-knockin' on your door? Would you let them in?

Would you fall victim to their coersion tactics of signing over your dogs so "it won't be as hard on you later"? What would you do? Do you know what YOUR rights are?



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Well I think it's great IF it was used for pet stores, millers and BYB's as well enforced by an actual legal body. I can't tell you the amount of sad stories I get about sick pet store dogs. The other one I would LOVE to see is breeders fined for not taking back their dogs from shelters, as the shelters need space for dogs that need help not breeders dogs.


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The HSUS is bad news anyway you slice it in my opinion. It is sad to think that opening doors to stop puppy milling unwittingly opened doors to stop breeding altogether. This is a scary and sad time for us all.


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MIA, I'm with you. I think it may be time for all breeders to be governed by some legal entity, and be accountable for every dog they breed.