Breaking News Update: Dallas City Council Passes Changes to City’s Animal Ordinances


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Wow! Say goodbye to dog shows for those that traveled to Dallas. Dogs at shows get loose and end up in shelters more than you would think. NO ONE is going to risk having their dogs altered if they accidentally ended up in the shelter. I wouldn't even want to live in Dallas if it were me! You have to have a breeder permit to have an intact dog or else if your dog finds themselves at a shelter, snip snip. :mad: I'm sorry, that is NOT their decision to make.

Source: Breaking News Update: Dallas City Council Passes Changes to City’s Animal Ordinances – American Kennel Club

Breaking News Update: Dallas City Council Passes Changes to City’s Animal Ordinances

By AKC Government Relations
Jun 27, 2018 | 1 Minute
1PM – AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) has received word that all proposed changes to the City of Dallas’ animal ordinances under consideration today have been passed by the City Council. Reports indicate that the Council failed to address the concerns expressed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and by many concerned clubs, breeders, owners, and fanciers.

Click here to read AKC GR’s most recent post on the Dallas proposal.

Previously, Dallas ordinance Sec.7-2.6 protected certain classes of dogs from sterilization before an owner could redeem them from a city shelter, including those owned by residents subject to an intact animal permit, service dogs, and competition dogs. With today’s vote, Dallas has eliminated those statutory protections. As a result, Dallas ordinances no longer offer explicit protections for dogs that end up in a city shelter due to accident, including for nonresident competition dogs. While Animal Services personnel may vary enforcement on a case-by-case basis, only Dallas residents with dogs subject to a breeder permit may avail themselves of a formal appeals process.

While the American Kennel Club disagrees with today’s decision by the Dallas City Council, we wholeheartedly continue to recommend that all dog owners adhere to applicable federal, state and local laws, including Dallas residents and those traveling to the city for events or training.

The American Kennel Club offers sincere thanks to the clubs, breeders, owners, and fanciers who contacted the City Council with concerns about the severity of this proposal. AKC GR will provide additional information on Dallas in future communications.

Contact AKC GR at with questions or comments.

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I found myself looking for an "angry" button. Just one more area of government overreach. You are so right, Rits. Not their decision to make.

So, are we talking private shelters here, or City, County, etc. owned shelters? Hard to understand how a private entity could get away with this.

I am, of course, not equating dogs with cars but; Like it or not, dogs are the property of their owners. You will not find cars that get towed being mandatorily modified before the owner can pick them up. "Yeah, I'm here to pick up my truck from impound." "Nope. It's in the shop so it can be made to pass emissions. Oh, and the lift kit is coming off, and your oversized tires extended beyond the fenders so they've go to go. Your loud exhaust is being resorted to stock. Your powerful stereo system is being confiscated and your window tinting is being discarded. That will be $15,000." "No! That's MY truck!!!"


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So this is saying if your intact dog gets picked up by a shelter, they can spay/neuter it before returning to you?

Well that sounds ... wrong.

And to @Oh Little Oji point, dogs ARE property (we license them just like cars and boats!) in the eyes of the law.


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The Dallas city council must be made up of former Californians.

As screwed as this all sounds this is already happening here.
A co-worker of mine had this exact thing happen. Minus the dog show aspect.
His dog got loose (an APBT) was gone right about 24 hours.
When he got his boy back he was snipped.
He said it took everything in him to not be violent.


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^^24 hrs? Christ, they don’t hang around, do they? That’s insane :mad:

So, to redeem your dog from the animal shelter, a mandatory spay/neuter is a condition of release :eek:

Surely show dogs ending up in shelters must be like, what? Less than 5%!!! Idk.
Surely, it’s more important to protect the rights of responsible owners by providing exceptions for competition dogs and residents who acquired an intact animal permit?! But that’s now thrown out of the window :(
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Shelters and rescues around here will try to do that as well. But they have no laws to back them up, unfortunately most people don't know that.


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Wow that's just infuriating and you can add that place to another I wouldn't live.