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Tonight both dogs were relatively worn, Millie had already self kenneled.
I foraged in the fridge and came out with some berries

Rocky with ages of wisdom knew I was foraging and was at stage right and got a berry.
Millie was on it and got one too.

By their reaction and want of more you’d think it was lamb or turkey, duck, or something exotic.
They sure snap to attention on the idea they may get another.
May have found a new training treat.


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Wow that would be awesome if ours found them that high value. Albert would say "what are you thinking?" and Phoebe would eat them since she'll eat anything but I doubt they would be much motivation for her. LOL


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Thats great! I keep a big frozen bag of blueberries and add a little bit to their food once in a while. They love them. Jasper prefers the fresh ones slightly squished though. I think it gives off more fragrance when its smushed. Silly thing.

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My girls love them too! I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me how the Sinsiters know when I am peeling a banana or opening a block of cheese 2 rooms away. I could open something that has the same packaging as cheese and...crickets, but I need to be careful not to fall over them when it's cheese because they appear behind me like 2 Houdinis!


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They can read our minds! :pullhair:
Well our little girl (1 year in a couple of weeks) cannot read my mind! All because, well, you know...........I lost my mind many years ago!!! LOL
Not so little Miss Z is too smart for her own good sometimes but definitely a very intelligent gorgeous sweetheart