Blaze at AWDF championship 2023

Doberman Gang

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Here is the Gangsta himself, Blaze, at AWDF Championship. He was so hyped coming out for protection, I knew control would be an issue. Then just as I was getting ready to check in the wind started blowing the blinds over. People running on the field putting them up and carrying sand bags out to help hold them in place. I kept jerking Blaze in a circle trying to get his focus off all of the people helping. Going after anyone buy the hrlperbus an automatic DQ. Finally the field was ready and I had capped him so much he does the first blind but then says screw it, I know where the bad guy is. Unfortunately I had to give 3 commands and still no out at the end . Still fun to watch him work.
He still looks impressive and you've had quite the weather to deal with.
Aside from the rules, he really is fun to watch. When you told him to foos, you can tell he really wanted to go after the helper, and the way he looks back at you, then the way he just latches on to the sleeve and uses his paws to help hold him. His personality is on display!
I'm so glad you posted this - I saw the live feed which was a different camera. Blaze, damn it, what insane drive! I did notice that the other Dobes had the same problem: so much intensity! It made me feel a teeny tiny bit better with my own problems with Asha because the emotions are the same. They KNOW the rules but they just can't seem to contain themselves. It's hard. You've gone over and beyond with Blaze and I think you've done a fantastic job with him. Tough as nails and I know he loves you to pieces.

I want to ask more questions about Dobermans and IGP, but not tonight. I still say you need a trophy for just showing up those 3 days!