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Best Products to Gnaw On or Keep Your Dobe Busy?

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by RexsMom, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. RexsMom

    RexsMom Member

    Rex will be 9 months in one week (Doberteens here we come :shock:) & he's really starting to become a chewer now! No more durable plushes anymore, only rubber & nylon toys from now on. Although he doesn't stay interested in them for long periods at a time, so I wouldn't say they keep him busy at all. Me boyfriend needs to be up really early when he's on day shift, so I need to keep Rex quiet and distracted at night or else he gets rowdy and loud.
    Yesterday we went out to our local pet shop to find something for him. I let him sniff around & held up certain products to see if he was interested, but he was too distracted by being in a public place. In the end I was debating between a Gorilla Chew (which I ended up going with) & an antler for him. I know antlers last longer, but they're fairly pricey. He chewed on it for about 15 mins and then lost interest, but hoping he will go back to it!
    So I'm wondering if anyone has found a long lasting chew that you Dobe just adored! If so, how long did it last & was it worth the price?
    @Kaiser2016 I saw you gave yours a Gorilla Chew in a previous thread. How did it turn out & did it last a while? :)

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    WILD ACE Member

    ace will get this bone when its to cold to be outside , if i need a break from his energy, or i want to just sit and watch a movie. so he only gets it at those times and when im in the same room with him hes 15 months and i have only ever had to buy 3 of them so far.. i throw them away when i think its to sharp or he stops chewing on it. i also spent money on the antler loves it if its the chew i give him 20190226_133047.jpg but he rather likes the white ones better.
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  3. Atingles10

    Atingles10 Jr Member

    Our guy looooves to chew too! We found the antlers are pretty durable but wecjust give it to him on certain occasions so he doesn't get bored with it. He also loves the hooves we find him at the left pet store, but most of all he loves gotta his kong with frozen goodies inside.

    I make up a kong with natural peanut butter and treats and put it in the freezer before I go to work. When my husband or the dog Walker put him back in his crate after his potty brake he races them back to the crate and waits inside with his little nub of a tail going crazy waiting for them to give it to him everytime.
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  4. RexsMom

    RexsMom Member

    These are my guy’s favourite too! I get him the smoked ones though, so I usually will only give it to him while I eat a meal & want to kick back & watch an episode of a TV show. Also when people come over, I hate crating him around others the whole time because I really want him socialized.
    Great chew for the price too & they aren’t smelly like the hooves I’ve tried :p
  5. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    The gorilla chew is still doing fine! It's still large and he's barely worn away one of the knobs on it.

    The antler wasn't popular for the longest time, but in this past 6 months it's become his favorite. If it's in his crate and we close the door, he'll stand at the door and whine for it lol.

    I find their tastes change over time. Never throw away a toy!
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  6. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    Bully sticks or RAW meaty bones
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  7. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    A frozen kong is always a winner in our house. I fill it with mashed banana and blueberries.

    I’ve read good reviews on the ‘Goughnut‘ but I’ve not invested in one, as yet. They are a little on the pricey side! If it’s as good as they say, it’s got to be worth the £££’s!
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  8. AresMyDobie

    AresMyDobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

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  9. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    Depending on HOW strong of a chewer your guy is, I would be VERY careful of antlers and smoked/cooked bones. They are like bricks and if they are very strong chewers they can and will fracture teeth. Seen lots of horror stories (dog dentist ain't no joke!)
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  10. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Premium Subscriber $ $ Forum Donor $

    This /thread.

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