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Argo- HELP!!!! - waking up too early

Discussion in 'Doberman Puppies' started by mshipway, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. mshipway

    mshipway New Member

    Good Morning everyone,
    I need some guidance. My almost 10 month old Male has the most annoying trait of waking up at 450-5AM every day regardless of when he goes to sleep. some days I wake up that early and we go for a nice 1 or 2 hour jog. But some days Id like to sleep in. He just repeatedly lets out these little whines which is extremely annoying. If i get up and take him out for a quick pee, as soon as I lay down the whining starts again.

    I was feeding him at 6AM and 6PM but have tried going 6AM and 730 PM to see if it helps.

    He has been sleeping in the living room between the couch and his bed and was doing well at this, very few things got chewed.

    I swear he can read the clock as its within 15 minutes every single day.

    ANy advice?
    Should I go back to the crate for sleep and ignore if he barks for a few nights?

    I like to be up early but not every single day.
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  2. Atingles10

    Atingles10 Member

    We have a pretty similar schedule! I get up with our 11 month old just before 4am for our morning walk/jog and feed at 530am and 530pm. On weekends I do want to sleep in some but these dogs and their schedules Haha hes up early. Our guy is spoiled and sleeps in the bed. What I found in the beginning was he would wake up and get out of bed to explore. I would instruct him to go back to bed, we also have his own bed on the floor beside ours. Thankfully our guy doesn't whine, in this circumstance, but he does get up.

    I find that most weekend mornings I will get up, take him pee, and put his food down. I lay back down while he eats. Once he's done eating he will actually go back to bed with us :love:

    It took a couple weeks for him to realize that this is what we wanted. We found that ignoring him is what worked best for us (again this is probably easier because he doesn't whine for us to get up). Now he gets up, goes pee and eats, and then snuggles back up with me until about 8 some mornings when I get up.

    If you don't trust him to be out of the crate while you sleep in, I would crate him. These dogs are smart and will figure it out. Maybe give him a stuffed Kong to entertain him in the crate until you are ready to get up.

    I have to remind my husband that it's hard for them to differentiate between what's a work week day and the weekend. A set schedule is so important to them and once that get used to it, it be a blessing and a curse:rofl:
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    WILD ACE Member

    sleep in on a weekend Whats that?
    we are early up all week as well 1 min before alarm goes off at 410 every morning ace is awake rubs his nose in my face to tell me its pee time we go out quick hes back in standing by his food dish he eats i shower he crawls into bed with hubby till im dressed and then its outside run the whole acreage checking for any stray animal or what not that does not live or belong in his yard. he grabs his ball from basket in garage and stands by the shed door till i get golf cart out and we run till 5 15 am go in get a drink a treat and 525 am im out the door for work ( he sleeps all day ) . Saturday morning and Sunday morning are same he does not care if its raining snowing windy or what thats how he rolls and i cant get him to sleep 2 min longer no matter what day of the week it is. though he will go back to bed on a sat and sun about 530 am for maybe an hour till his little alarm tells him wait mom did not leave that means its my day to run her ragid
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  4. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yes, dogs can tell time! Not necessarily by looking at the clock, but by the routine you set early on.
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  5. Atingles10

    Atingles10 Member

    Oddly enough, not exactly on topic, but I read an article yesterday that says they can tell how long we have can gone during the day by scent. It said that as our scent fades they can gauge how long we have been gone. If you stick to a pretty regular schedule, they can use their smell to determine when we might be back! Not sure if this is truly accurate but it sounded neat!
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  6. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Notable member

    Our lab does this... he just wants food :D

    It's a difficult cycle to break, especially for the 'sleeping in' days. We're not super early risers but Moose go through phases where he'll start whining 15 minutes before our alarms will go off so someone will take him out and then come back upstairs. Then he'll start whining 30 minutes before our alarm goes off. Then 45 minutes, etc., until we just... ignore him and he resets to waiting until he hears an alarm to start fussing. Hard to do when they're being annoying, though, I know.

    So he's not in a crate at night? We use crate covers and open the flaps during the day and close them at night (all but the front flap). Helps keep it a little bit darker in there so we get a few extra moments of peace :woot2:
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  7. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yup I would crate him in an area where you aren't being disturbed and get up at a time reasonable for you. HE does not set the schedule, you do. I let my dogs out at 8 am every morning. Around that time my dobie girl wakes me up. Then she tried waking me up at 7 am. I may get up but I tell her "It's too early" and I make her wait till 8. If she had her way we would be up at 5 (or earlier, lol)
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  8. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    And yes, they can tell time. Just ask mine when I'm a few minutes late with dinner, lol. You would think I'd been starving them for DAYS!!
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  9. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Gosh a lot of you wake up so early!

    I work nights and go to bed around 1am. So I get up at 8am every day. Jasper does whine a half hour or so before then. I don't know why he can't just give peace and quiet for that small amount of time :wtf:

    What ever schedule you create is what your dog will follow. If I ever have a tough night or feel I need to sleep in more I will let Jasper pee and eat but I put him back in his crate. He will whine a bit but I ignore it and try to get another hour in. Much easier for me because even my days off its still the same thing since I go into work in the evening.
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  10. mshipway

    mshipway New Member

    Yes I guess the real issue is 90% of the days I want him up with me and to go jogging. and 10% i want him to sleep in.
    I was sure this morning he would have slept longer, he was up and down all evening we went running, then i kept him awake while watching the Raptors win the NBA championship(yay) it was after 12 when he finally settled in for the night... and like clock 5:00 i heard it start.
  11. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I agree that dogs learn our schedules and don't have a clue about the days you decide to sleep in. LOL

    We have always been early risers. Hubbys up around 4:30 most work days. Me, a short time later. Years ago, we decided that since hubby was up first, he would feed Buddy and let him out to pee when he got up. Otherwise Buddy's face would be in mine! :wideyed: Or the whining would start. :confused-alt:

    So now Buddy would eat and then come back to his bed (on the floor next to me) and sleep until I got up.

    On a Sunday when we might be up at 6 instead of 4:30, sometimes Buddy it is still whining at the same time. My husband will get up and let him out and feed him and then we'd all go back to bed LOL Kali sleeps in her crate at night and she rarely makes a peep unless she hears me get up. And that's the trick. If we are in bed and it's getting toward the time that Buddy knows we get up, all I have to do is stretch or even move, and the dogs are on their feet! Like, "She moved! I think she's getting up! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!":facepalm:

    Oh for sure! Buddy will never let me forget what time it is to eat. EVER! :rofl:
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  12. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    That’s the mistake right there. Never set a precedent :spit: They are like cats that way, once they are allowed something, they have to have it. Dobermans take it a notch further because they are greedy, so they try to take a bit more each time. Early on we would just let him whine and not respond. Now he will “put out the call” briefly and then give up because he figures no one is going to react. A good trick to use is to give them a potty break before sunrise so they see it’s still dark out. This works best in winter because of the late sunrise, but it will buy you some time.
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  13. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    They definitely like a set routine and I'm the same way, but I do like my sleep on days off so I stay in bed a couple more hours than usual. Luckily hubby gets up at the same time no matter what day it is so they can stay on their set routine and come back to bed with me on days off. Of course sleep is very important to our dogs anyway so it's normally their routine to get up and eat, then go outside and right straight back to bed for several hours. :D
    I think that started when they were pups and knew that they were going to eat, go outside, then sleep while we were at work.
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