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Are We Becoming Cancer Pimps By Dr. Deva Khalsa, DVM

Discussion in 'Doberman Health and News Articles' started by strykerdobe, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    Good articles by Dr. Deva Khalsa, DVM

    Sorry they are in a Pdf's so click on the link!



    Here’s the rub: there are natural and safe products that work if you know how to use them. And it’s not that hard to do at all. I’ve researched these products and have been very pleased with them. Some are better for fleas while some are better for ticks and there’s one that works well with both. The important thins to know is that these products WORK and are also SAFE.

    Winter’s on the way and in some States it’s here already. So those of you who get this as a Broadcast rather than my e-mail series are getting this at a great time when you can take a break from fleas and ticks. I suggest that you use this time to learn new non-toxic ways to prevent and handle fleas and ticks. I’ll be telling you more over the winter so you’re all ready for spring. If you still nee help with non-toxic and effective flea and tick products you can call Lee at 727-447-1776 or go to this page on the Deserving Pets site: Natural Tick & Flea Prevention


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