Appetite problems help!!!!


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Hello, I have an 11 month european doberman male. I imported him from Europe and he arrived to me with perfect health! he ate so so much and was a chunky boy up up until 4/5 months when I started experiencing issues with his appetite. His original diet began with victor kibble, salmon oil, fresh food, plain greek yogurt, pumpkin purée, bone broth and hip & joint supplement. He always cleaned his bowl and even wanted more after 3 bowls a day. Then suddenly at 4 or 5 months his appetite changed and he no longer wanted to eat as much. He turned very picky and I found myself very stressed trying just about EVERYTHING. I tried just kibble and water, just plain kibble, kibble mixed with fresh food, kibble with goats milk, no kibble just fresh food, free feeding, 3 different brands of kibble, full raw and i even cooked his food daily all in the span of 6 months. I’ve tried everything in the book and i’ve been so stressed and found myself crying at times. He is thin but not to the point where you can see his bones or ribs, and I hate it. I prefer to have him on the more bulkier side not exceeding of course. I have two other females and they eat perfect, not one problem. He is the only one who gives my problems and I don’t know what I am doing wrong, please let me know what I can do. Thank you in advance.


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That’s pretty odd to go from a eater to a picker…..I would definitely schedule a vet visit.

I do have to say that mine initially liked Victor but after a while just really did not like it too much so I switched off of it.


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Pictures of your boy would be helpful. These dogs are not meant to be bulky, they are genetically lean & trim. If you can't see his bones or ribs then he's getting plenty to eat. They do eat less when they stop their huge growth spurt. Just think of it this way: In 11 months he's gone from 0 to about 70 or so lbs and needed lots of food to grow all those bones and muscle and organs. Now that they are about the size for the rest of his life, he just needs maintenance food for daily energy. He will continue to fill out until age 2 - 3, he won't be a gangly teen forever.


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My Heidi lost her appetite at 11 months ,I followed another doby owners suggestion. Put her food down for 5 minutes ,If she didn't eat .I put it away and wait till next feed time . Unless there is something wrong with her stomach. I do not believe there is a dog out there who will intentionally starve himself and it will pass just like raising kids.