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Hello, so I found this spot on my dog, about 2/3 weeks ago?! It started off just as red irritated skin bump?! Hair was still on it then, Sorta looked like a ingrown hair or pimple, but no puss inside(tried popping as she gets ingrown hairs and pimples occasionally)
so just left it for about a week so so if it would go away, then cleaned it every day until now?! It’s hard but still feels like skin?! It doesn’t move, so not fat or anything it literally feels like her skin just bumped up right there?! Like it doesn’t feel like her skin in covering nothing underneath, and it’s been like tha! It doesn’t seem to hurt her but feels very dry now?! I’ve put on neosporin as well as vitamin e oil which I assume is what took the redness out and now it looks like this?! She’s had smth like that in the past (still does) and the vet had no idea and just said ingrown hair and around the time other issues happened etc so blood, stool etc was all fine we did a all over check including allergies, However the last one didn’t go away and is now just like a skin tag?! Does aaaaanyone have a clue what it might be?! It doesn’t seem medically relevant however it personally botheres me not knowing and it now being the second one like this?! like I believe things like this don’t just appear unless there’s an underlining problem?! Even if not serious it’s not ideal and if anyone has a clue pls let me know and what I could do 😅🤦🏼‍♀️ The vet doesn’t seem to be concerned or know really/ doesn’t care as it’s not „dangerous“..but I still don’t want my dog to keep getting these bumbs? Especially when they start they don’t seem like just skin?! More like infection which I don’t think long run is maybe the healthiest 😅 anyways! I’m hoping someone here might have a clue 🕵️‍♀️:) (also last one is 8months ago, so it’s not spreading etc it’s really just like one at a time randomly, but this is the second, also ruled out are food allergies, mites, fleas, ticks, cancer, lipoma (hope English translates like that), parasites or worms, immune diseases or any inheritated /full bloodwork, strep also no, bug bites, bites scratches etc and surface wound definitely not, pimple(maybe cyst?), ingrown hair)
Remember the last one didn’t go away..they just heal up like this…and become like really dry skin tag bump thingy with nothing inside?! Like everything else i think it would heal up and return to normal skin…but it doesn’t! The hair falls out and it hardens and just stays like this…and actually perfect description on how it feels like: cartilage (once „healed“)
Things I think maybe?! : wart?
If y’all know let me know pls or even just what I could maybe do to make it go way? 🤦🏼‍♀️
I was thinking If it is a wart could I freeze it?! Like humans do?!
Uuuugh im so hopeless and irritated 😭 cause no one really knows or cares cause it’s just a „beauty issue“… but let’s be real..when is stuff that RANDOMLY appears ever JUST a beauty issue,..even if it’s stuff like acne…usually then too is hormones or diet…
Okay I stop typing now! Just anyone know or have an idea, all is welcome! ♥️
Thank you all so much I’m advance ♥️


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Has she been exposed to anything she could be having an allergic reaction to? Our boy would sometimes get random bumps like that at a certain time of year, then they'd go away after a while.


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Ragnar had a couple of these before.
Freyja just had one on her left eyelid.

It does seem to be a dried flaky wart pimple but it does not head up or have any fluid oozing qualities to it.

I really don’t know what it is but I believe it’s some kind of allergic reaction or it can be an insect bite.

Nothing medicinally applied has helped or changed the course of recovery, I just clean off the flaky skin and wait it out.


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Hard to tell from the pic but looks like a Histiocytoma. Pretty common in dogs under 3, however can happen at any age. I had a female that was notorious for them her whole life.

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I agree with it being perhaps a histiocytoma...they kinda look like a cluster of cauliflower...can't really tell from your photo, but I had a dobe years ago that had them as a youngster...vet suggested just leaving it alone because it would take care of itself. Sometimes they do balloon up and bleed; but for the most part, just look ugly.