Another day


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Another hose bath and a nail grinding session😂
They both go into drama overdrive.
Millie is better about it.
Rocky is a trembling mess throughout and needs mucho peanut butter bribing.

Their favorite part is the part when it’s over.🤣

On this one we did it all out in the front yard.
Chilling on the fake grass apparently doesn’t suck.
You can see Rocky is still a little bothered.
He hates (among other things) being on a long line.
He tends to freeze and not want to move much and simultaneously give the big brown eye looks of being completely tortured.

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Dauntless always froze like a statue when her bath started and wouldn't move a muscle until it was over, which made bathing her easy! Candor doesn't mind getting a bath, but she constantly circles during it. Not sure if she's worried we will miss a spot, or if she is hoping to make us so dizzy we can't continue! :spit: