AJ earns Rally Excellent title with two perfect scores - May 28, 2023


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AJ was High Scoring Doberman in the Excellent class at our Rally trial twice with scores of 100. In the first trial, he was also fourth place in the All Breed of 18 dogs and earned his RE title.

I'm not great at Rally, as AJ is the only dog I took past RN. I remembered what I was told years ago that I shouldn't go any faster than the pace at which I'm comfortable. That way I minimize the chance of a stupid error. Time is the tie-breaker, but the slowest 100 beats the fastest 99.

We took the course very deliberately. In the second trial, the handler of the second place Doberman told me she would have beat me on time if her dog hadn't gone on the wrong side of a sign. I remember her run. She hustled through the course and was too close to the change direction sign. Her dog had room to pass either side of the sign, but since she was crowding the sign, the dog decided to pass on the wrong side. If she wasn't in such a hurry, she would have stopped far enough away from the sign that the dog wouldn't have had the opportunity to make the wrong choice.

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Wow excellent. Congratulations!

I agree that trying to rush through a course can lead to mistakes so I'd rather go at my pace and do it right. Most of the experienced rally people I know do not try to rush to get the fastest time but they still come out on top because they get a nearly perfect score over the ones with the fastest times. I think I saw one tie at our last match and the judge awarded it to the best performance.