Agility Progress


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Ripley and hubby have been doing great in agility practice! They got moved up to Intermediate level a few weeks ago and all the pieces of their agility foundation work from the past year are coming together! She doesn't see much teeter work, maybe once or twice a 6 week session. Now that she's in intermediate she will more but our instructor uses contacts sparingly so the dogs don't become contact obsessed (where they disregard everything and run straight to anything with contacts because contacts equal high praise lol).

Other challenges placed on them was the rear cross, forward send (bunch of jumps ahead and you tell your dog to take them without you there), and obstacle discrimination at the tunnel/A-frame. They come over the jump (or out of the weaves in this case) and there's two obstacles directly in front, one being the a-frame, which a lot of dogs LOVE and get sucked up. Vice versa can apply to the tunnel too. She took the correct obstacle every time! This is also the first time they've done 13 (?) obstacles. Usually in the foundation/beginner class they would work on more technical foundation work and maybe 5-6 obstacles at the most at a time.

A friend invited them out to the UKC agility trial this weekend. She's been doing agility for many years and she said they are ready to play around in UKC! We have a busy Saturday but they are gonna stop by Sunday and play! We are both excited, you can tell Ripley really loves agility and shines there.

Oh, she does love that! And she is still really focussed on Derek despite the enthusiasm. It's going to be an exciting time for sure!
She's so enthusiastic!! Looking good!

Sending forward can be difficult for them to grasp but man, once they get it, it can help with those speed dogs on long stretches!
She is looking great! She already has the first 3 jumps memorized, she might just blast past them the next time!