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Age old question on homeowners insurance (but from an idiot)

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Dr.Tinley, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Dr.Tinley

    Dr.Tinley New Member

    Morning (or afternoon depending your TZ), I have a somewhat different insurance question I'm hoping y'all can help with. I'm a wildlife biologist, not an insurance agent so I may be overthinking this.

    I train dogs for waterfowl hunting as a side job on our farm. Obviously we're talking retrievers so there has never been a question of insurance other than the insurance we have for the business. Our friends have 3 dogs, 1 is a puppy, and have just found out they're expecting. The puppy is a Doberman who I think is 4 months old. The baby is a surprise bundle of joy, so they asked us if we wanted to take the Doberman. They aren't trying to pawn the dog off, it's just with 3 dogs and a baby they are worried about giving attention to all the people, 4 legged and 2, in their house.

    We have Safeco homeowners and they have a restricted breed list. Dobermans are obviously on the list, but not the labs we train that have the body of a pit bull and can pull a bulldozer (example dog pictured that just finished field trials) when they graduate. Anyway, my issue is I'm confused on the restricted breed list and Safeco customer service wasn't really that helpful. Will the company drop a person with a restricted breed, or will they just not cover the dog that is a restricted breed? We put all of our personal dogs through the good citizenship deal with AKC and would do the same with the Doberman.

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  2. Dr.Tinley

    Dr.Tinley New Member

    I also meant to add as long as the company won't drop us, we can just purchase a separate liability plan from another company I'm assuming? The literature I have been reading has just been confusing. By that I mean much of it almost reads as "well we'll insure the house, we just won't back you on a liability claim should the dog bite someone." I feel like especially in my case exceptions should be made (they won't I'm assuming haha) considering I train dogs professionally.
  3. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    State Farm has zero restrictions and if you served in the military USAA doesn’t have a breed restriction. I wouldn’t give my money to a company that has a “breed list”. You may want to look into changing to another company.
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  4. Dr.Tinley

    Dr.Tinley New Member

    We have thought about it! Our agent is independent and just searches for the best coverage for the best price and we bundled home and auto. Our farm insurance is pretty expensive relative to our home so we wanted to save money the best way possible. So we didn't really choose Safeco because they're awesome, we just chose them because they were cheaper. I've honestly never given the breed restriction a second thought simply because we've always had retrievers. My dad was a game warden (retired now) and started the business to supplement income where my mom could stay at home and raise 3 idiots. Never had a thing against any dog on the restricted list, it has just been with that business we've always had labs.
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  5. Dr.Tinley

    Dr.Tinley New Member

    By the way, much appreciate the reply and I agree, I think it is crazy to judge by breed. I get they are just doing what we do every day - limiting our liability - but it's lazy.
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  6. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber


    I'd definitely switch companies since I wouldn't want to support one who does have a breed restriction list either.
    I don't think so because your primary homeowners or even auto insurance could be responsible if the "dangerous breed" bites or attacks someone on your property or in the vehicle. We have North Star Mutual and they don't have any breed restrictions either, but I think they're pretty regional in and around Minnesota.
    Our agent is independent as well and after an incident with our Doberman several years ago (he didn't bite but someone hit him with a car and killed him) our agent said if our company did have a breed restriction, they'd find us one that didn't.
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  7. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    We have State Farm and I speak from experience when I say they are the most amazing insurance company when it comes to your dogs. We had a "provoked" incident with our Dobe and they dealt with the lawyers, family, hearings, blah blah blah and paid the claim with nothing out of pocket from us. I'm sure our premium will go up but you know what? I dont give a flying frick because that family can't come after is ever again for this issue and that piece of mind is invaluable. For the record, I'm zero % impressed with how the other family handled the whole ordeal but that's the world we live in.

    If you need to add an umbrella type policy, minimum $50k coverage, more would be better
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  8. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    Also, I like the look of your lab! Moo, our English Lab, IS a little bulldozer :D
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  9. Ingrid H

    Ingrid H Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I've got State Farm too.
  10. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    This is all very foreign to me. The UK has nothing like this. Does it all vary by state?
  11. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    We had ASI, they dropped us when they came and inspected our property and found we had Exotic birds and large reptiles, then they saw Gracie my last Doberman that welcomed them with all of her sweetness and toys, along with our Cocker Spaniel.

    Even if your dog resembles one of the 15 or so “vicious dogs” listed they will cancel you.
    It was immediate and unapologetic and was done on a Friday in the middle of hurricane season with a storm headed our way. That caused us to have to pay through the arse for our mortgage company to cover us until the storm passed and we could get insurance from another company.

    We went with USAA and have zero restrictions for the birds, cats, snake and dobes, plus it is much less expensive with USAA and they covered us in hurricane season.
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  12. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    USAA is the shit! I insure everything I own with them and for a fraction of the cost of other providers.
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  13. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    I always had State Farm when I lived in the States and my Dobe was not an issue.
  14. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    We had to switch companies. I hate insurance companies, going back to the discrimination I experienced as a young, unmarried male trying to afford basic liability on a car.

    If I'm fair though, my first Dobe went after children, my second Dobe would snap and go after people in the home including my wife, and my third has face-bitten me twice. :lmao: :help:
  15. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    none of this is really funny, it sounds like a lack of proper training and a wonderful way to get a person hurt and a dog put down. But hey “LMAO”.
  16. Rodyboy

    Rodyboy Jr Member

    Welcome from Ohio:ntmy:We have USAA, and no restrictions. Sorry to hear about restrictions and realize insurance for business can be expensive. Companies do bundle and you save by doing so, we did. Hope you can get something without restrictions. You are not idiot, I Didn't even know companies had restrictions.
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  17. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    It is my conclusion that insurance companies are nothing more than investment companies. We STILL have not been paid for all the hurricane damage we suffered in Irma. So far all the repairs have been paid for out of our pocket. Next step is suing the bank and insurance company. They want your money on time but don’t want to part with it if the need arises. :mad:
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  18. Rodyboy

    Rodyboy Jr Member

    USAA came through when we had wind damage to our roof. They worked right alon with us, they paid out in a week.:thumbsup:We were so grateful and they paid for the entire roof, no out of pocket:ty: I do believe a lot of companies have their own pockets in mind.:down:But I can't say enough about USAA, I don't know if it differs state to state:scratch:Anyone else have same experience or problems with them? Different state?
  19. obbanner

    obbanner $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    I was an actuary for four years. I passed one actuarial exam then changed careers. I've never seen an actuarial study on dangerous dogs affecting ratemaking. I'm not current with statistical reporting to insurance departments and rating services, but also haven't heard of any way of reporting a dog incident as such. From what I've observed, 'dangerous dog' bans are solely emotional whims by someone in an insurance company's underwriting department.

    I had insurance in New Jersey with FMI which has a dangerous dog ban. I got an exemption because my dogs were therapy dogs. I got tired of dealing with it and changed my homeowners to NJ Manufacturers when they started offering homeowners because I already had my car insured with NJM. The insurance inspector who checked out my house also inspects for FMI and he said every company has it's quirks. NJM's is railings and I had to upgrade the railing on my back porch. FMI's is dogs.
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  20. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I think it varies more by the company than state and as Obbanner said, they are emotional whims of someone within the company making up the rules, even though they have no solid foundation to back up their beliefs. When one company does it, another might jump on the bandwagon and figure it must be a good idea since the other company is doing it.
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