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A question regarding heartworm meds!!

Discussion in 'Doberman Health Issues and Questions' started by DobesMom, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    Hey all, I have a question...
    I gave Fire her heartworm PILL today (nuheart). Within 3 minutes she vomited (grass she ate yesterday). it also had the banana I fed her the nuheart pill in. BUT- NO PILL.
    Should I give her a second dose of heartworm meds..or just let her go as is?

  2. FredC

    FredC Guest

    just give her, her next pill as scheduled. better to be safe then sorry
  3. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    I've talked to sentinal because I have one dog who eats everything including anything the other dropped. I wasn't sure which dog got that pill and didn't know if it was safe to give another just in case or if it would have possibly hurt the other one if it did get 2 instead of one. They told me it was safe to give another and that 2 would not be dangerous to either dog that managed to get 2.

    That was years and since then I seperate dogs if there are meds to give until I know they have it down.

    I would email the nuheart people they have always replied within a day when I contacted them.
  4. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    thanks...I think I will contact nuhart just be be sure. I have heard you can overdose x8 before seeing problems. I'd rather have her covered than at danger for heartworms. I'll let everyone know what they say for future reference.
  5. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    From Nuheart:
    Hello Rachael
    Thank you for your email.

    Nuheart pills are designed to break down rapidly and to be absorbed by the body. However I dont think that a few minutes would quite do the trick. It may well be that your pet has the pill in her system and didnt bring it up.

    This is what I would do Rachael. Let it go for about 2 weeks and then give her a second dose. No banana though this time around :) Wont she take it on its own?

    Let me know what happens.

    Kind regards

    Gareth Joseph
  6. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    thanks for posting the reply
  7. Dobified

    Dobified Jr Member

    Thats great customer service ! :)
  8. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    Even better they got back to me with my second question...
    The new monthly dose will be given 1 month after the second dose. So, I used to give the heartworm on the 1st, now it'll be the 15th of each month.

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