A little of everything this week!


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We went to a huge Cluster show in Tucson (over 1,000 dogs). Wednesday the Tucson Doberman Club put on a WAE. I've been wanting to do that forever, so signed up. Then with some encouragement from @Rits and @obbanner I entered Novice A obedience on Thursday and Friday, then just because I could, I did a day-of entry in the Fast Cat Friday afternoon after obedience. We had a blast, are now completely worn out and I'll post each event separately. Just got home a little bit ago and have a dog-care job to go to this afternoon, so it may be a bit later or tomorrow for stories and pictures. Spoiler: Passed the WAE, Got 1 Q of 2 runs in obedience (the NQ was funny/not funny), and the Fast Cat - first time she's run in 2 years or so, ran like a mad woman at 24.17 mph. All the details later, here's the end result: IMG_4283.JPG
Yay!!! Sounds like a wonderful fun filled time for all! Your Novice obedience results sound like mine (without the details) :D Can't wait to hear it all! Congratulations on your Qs and passing WAE!!! Look at you two go, so proud of y'all!!
That's awesome! Can't wait to hear more details. Good girl Asha!
How exciting! Ah, so you were in Arizona - I had commented in the other thread that I was surprised to see the palm trees, but now I'm not lol. Get some well deserved rest and let us know all the fun details.