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A Human Friend Who Loved My Dogs

Discussion in 'Memorials' started by obbanner, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. obbanner

    obbanner $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    My former next door neighbor, Harriet, passed on Sunday. I had a long talk with her daughter Lynn, who brought me up to date since I haven't seen Harriet for several years.

    I had my first Doberman, Inky, when I moved here in 1988. I moved in with my father after my mother died because my father couldn't live alone and I wasn't going to put him in a home. Due to an incredible stroke of luck, I lived in the boundaries of a narrow corridor across NJ that allowed me to run a high speed data line to my computers so I didn't have to go to the office every day (this is pre-internet). While I was at work, my father would walk Inky on a long line, and would sit in the back yard with Harriet. They enjoyed Inky's company very much. My father passed in 1993 and I stayed here.

    My second Doberman, OB, was Harriet's buddy. Her husband passed in 1990 and she lived alone.

    OB would go to her front door, bark, and she'd let him in. She'd ask if it was ok if OB visited so I wouldn't worry where he was. OB made himself comfortable on her couch and they'd watch tv together or she'd read a book with OB's head on her lap. He was always welcome in her home and they'd do things together. Harriet told me OB followed her around as she did her housework. OB would visit for an hour or two, then would stand by the door wanting to come home. OB had a knack for knowing how not to overstay his welcome.

    The day came where she realized her house was too big and she had to move to an apartment. After she moved out, OB missed her greatly. A realtor came with clients to look at her house, and when the realtor opened the front door, OB pushed his way past everyone and made himself comfortable on the couch. The realtor came in my back yard to ask if that was my Doberman making himself at home while he's trying to show the property. Fortunately, everyone had a good laugh after the initial shock.

    Harriet and I no longer saw much of each other, especially after OB died. We would talk on the phone and exchange Christmas and birthday cards with notes to bring each other up to date. Then the day came when she no longer replied to the cards because of senility, and she was moved to a nursing home. But she remembered Inky and especially OB to the end. Lynn said her favorite stories were of OB and she told them often.

    Dogs are therapeutic. Inky gave my dad something to do other than grieve my mother, and after a year of mourning, he bounced back. OB was a companion to Harriet when she needed it. I consider myself blessed for having my dogs who always make me smile when I see them.
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  2. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    A very touching story,thank you for sharing.
    Isn't it great how these dogs are so perceptive of others in need.
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  3. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Brought chills, Art. Very touching. Such a wonderful neighbor and loving dogs. How wonderful that their lives, and your dads, were interwoven. You did a great job in bringing some happiness to many people.

    RIP Harriet. I'm sure OB is on your couch again. :)
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  4. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Very touching Art. There are just some special people in this world who brighten our lives and our dogs lives and we will never forget them.
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  5. obbanner

    obbanner $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Harriet's children put together a montage of her life for the funeral. Harriet with OB were prominently displayed on the upper left hand corner.

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  6. GingerDobe09

    GingerDobe09 Hot Topics Subscriber

    What an awesome story! Totally made me cry!
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