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2 year old sudden death

So so sorry to have this happen to your family! 😓 Juvenile kidney disease is genetic and can be prevalent in this breed. If you don't mind me asking, what breeder did he come from? I would let the breeder know about his death and hopefully they use that information to possibly stop breeding that line or to do further health testing.
He came from Sierra dobie in Tennessee.
I've sent them an email letting them know not only about this tragedy but all of Jax's health issues.
Thanks everyone..
This has been the hardest and most traumatic thing ever.
I still cant function normally, and honestly, don't know when I'll be able to.

He was my first dog, we got him at 10 weeks as soon as we bought our first house.
I have no kids yet, and spent practically 24/7 with him.. some may say I was a "helicopter" mom.
He came everywhere with us, bars, restaurants, vacations.. he was so well behaved, and loved everyone (I wondered if I got a defective dobie as he loved any strangers that would come to our door and run and kiss them 🤣 )
He gave my life so much joy, helped me through the hardest times, and always knew how to comfort me.
I cant help but blame myself and wish there was something I could have done differently.
He went to the vet monthly, if not more.. he had Addison's disease and chronic GI problems.
Weird part is, he had an echo and ultrasound done in February, to check his whole body - and his kidneys looked GREAT.
I'm having a hard time accepting his diagnose as "Renal Dysplasia" when he never had any kidney issues..
He was SUCH a happy dog, and always had a smile on his face.
Rest in paradise my sweetest boy, I hope your endlessly sunbathing and bird watching😇

I cant help but blame myself and wish there was something I could have done differently.
Please release yourself from the burden of guilt. You cared for your dog and did everything you knew. There is something about Dobermans that make them cling to our heart like no other kind of dog - ask anyone here. The heartbreak is real. Hugs to you. 💔
It has been 5 months since our boy passed away at 4yo. I miss him so much, I lurk around these forums sometimes, and every time I read a thread like this my heart fills up. I am so sorry you are going through this, you did your best.