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2 month old dobbie wont eat!!


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The little bugger just refuses to eat. I feed him royal canine kibbles, he used to be a mad man when it came to food. Try to drag his bowl away while he is busy, he'll hold them bolted down. I've tried changing bowls, i've tried feeding him curd and rice twice, he only eats the curd and keeps the rice away.
Currently i'm boiling some chicken to try and entice him to eat some kibble with it.

If this doesn't work i'm out of ideas and taking him to the vet.
I got him his vaccine (megavac6) on the 6th of this month. If that matters.
Any of you been through this?


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Yes on the vaccines. There is no guarantee they will not get any reactions (minutes to weeks) from vaccines. I would check his gums in his mouth. Looking at how fast the capillaries refill with blood. Best way is with the mouth closed lift the upper lip and press on the upper gum. Then remove your finger and see how fast the gum refills with blood.

Most vets will NOT make the connection of a vaccine causing an issue unless its right after the vaccine is given. Yes it could be within minutes, that day or days and some weeks later.

I would do a Vet check.

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I personally wouldn't worry too much since a dog won't starve itself, unless there's really something serious wrong. If they won't eat within a certain amount of time the food gets put up until the next feeding time.

I also wouldn't try to entice him with the curd or chicken unless you're prepared to feed it all the time. They go through growth spurts a lot as pups so the food intake does slow down if they're not in a growth spurt at the moment.


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Thanks for the response guys.
I forgot to mention that if i hand feed him he'll eat it out of my hands with more interest than from the bowl.

I fed him very little boiled chicken minced and mixed it with the kibble and he ate it all up, and i even added a 2nd serving of just kibbles which he was happy to eat. I'll monitor him tomorrow as well and see how it goes.

By the way, he is not constipated and not vomiting either. I'll post updates here. Thanks again


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I've reduced his portion size a bit. So far he's ate 3 meals.
Kibble alone in the morning
2nd meal was rice with boiled chicken and its broth
3rd meal was kibble and boiled chicken

I was wondering if i should add curd into his diet on a daily basis so that it can help his digestion


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I had to look up curd 😄 Seems like yogurt or cottage cheese. I’d say as long as the curd doesn’t upset his stomach you could be ok to add a spoonful of that. I’m not surprised that he doesn’t like the rice. You should skip that since the kibble probably already has rice in it. Dobermans do become fussy eaters if you add different toppers. I don’t mind it and give my dog a ton of variety but some people don’t like that. I agree they won’t starve themselves so put the bowl down for 10 minutes then take it away.