first time owner

  1. Yubexine

    Seeking a breeder

    Hi, everyone! I apologize if this is maybe out of place or frowned upon.... I'm basically brand new to this forum and the Doberman world in general 😅... Ive been doing a ton of research about what it takes to own a Doberman, as I've been in love with the breed my entire life (my aunt and uncle...
  2. thylacinu

    Puppy ears! Half-posting/Avoiding infection?

    Hey y'all! I'm notoriously verbose, so I'll open with the summary before going into too much detail: My baby Salamander is 11 weeks old. He doesn't have an ear infection right now, but they're definitely getting irritated. I started half-posting so I can keep them clean until the issue...
  3. K

    Doberman owner, please help me to make the right decision, I'm desperate!!

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this in the health section because the main reason I haven't gotten a Doberman yet is because I'm not 100% I can keep it happy and therefor healthy. Please help me to see if this dog is right for me. I will really appreciate any input. First off, reasons I want a...