1. Momtogytha

    My Gytha has been acting very sullen. Im a bit worried. Need some guidance!

    So Gytha is my 6 month old Dobbie pup, who is a firecracker. Shes super active, jolly and LOVES play to a point that sometimes exhausts us lol. She normally doesn't get scared easily either. But for the past 4 days we have been having some construction going on in my bathroom which is attached...
  2. Carternm31

    Roxy bloated :(

    Sorry I didn’t post earlier, but honestly I can’t cope with this again right now. But around 7/8pm Sunday night Roxy was restless and pacing, her stomach looked a little large so we took her to the local animal hospital to be safe. And sure enough she had bloated, full torsion !! A hefty deposit...
  3. Carternm31

    Little video of our Dobie and Min pin at the beach

    I have so many clips this week of Roxy and Jax at Bay St Louis. (I went there ALOT) for a 14 year old dobie she's still got it <3
  4. Carternm31

    Roxy just celebrated her 14th birthday!

    Our Dobermann Roxy made it to 14!!! I made a little timeline video I made for her. It’s not the best as I have limited clips with me, but man she’s having the best life ❤️ I try and take her on a 2 mile hike once a week & she has a bunch of supplements but overall she is doing well ! Timeline...
  5. DovahMuuliik

    Wanting to Become a Breeder In The Future

    Hi everyone. I want to become a Dobermann breeder in the future and am wanting to educate myself on the breed. I have started educating myself on structure etc but am wondering what or how would the perfect dobermann look? How Louis Dobermann the original creator envisioned the breed to be...
  6. Judith

    Just some recent walk pictures from Cumbria UK

    Buddy and me out on the fells, Bella is nine now and it's just a bit much for her to climb these hills but she still loves her walks in the flat fields.