doberman puppy anxiety home alone

  1. RosietheDobie

    7mo Doberman-Leaving the House Help!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and to owning a Doberman. I know they are wonderful, smart, and loyal dogs. I recently adopted a 7mo old female, red/tan doberman named Rosie. She is the absolute sweetest. I've only had her a week and she already is great at sleeping in a crate overnight without...
  2. Tariq2000

    My dobey when left home alone

    I play with my Doberman all morning, take him on a run or to the dog park from 11am-2pm, problem is after around 3-4 I have to go to work until 10or so.. I feel bad because he knows I'm leaving and whimpers at me from the door. My brother tells me for the first hour he just sits at the door or...