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  1. Two Dobes

    Glory attempt at Novice title

    Well....she needs one more leg for her CD Companion Dog title...but the fact that we train on our own, and shows are few and far between; it is just going to take longer. Thought I would share her video anyway!
  2. Two Dobes

    Our Electra we lost in 2020

    So nice to see a memorial page....these dobes just wreck us when we lose them :sweat:. It was 2 years ago today that we had to say good bye to our sweet Electra aka "Buckie" who we lost to DCM at only 4 years old. :sleepy:. She will always be the most amazing one that we have owned....have...
  3. Two Dobes

    Can I get a witness?

    I have posted this photo before but can't remember the the story is our neighbors across the street have 2 schnauzers, (who I check in on when they are gone for long hours) and the continually just let their dogs run out the front door to come do their business in our yard. I take...
  4. Two Dobes

    Not interested in eating...

    I am at a loss....starting last week; Clarke who is 5 and just had a clear echo & holter, has lost interest in eating. The only time I have had to hand feed a dog, is because they are in heart failure. Now back when Glory was in heat, he would not eat, but that was a different kind of not...
  5. Two Dobes

    Heart Murmur

    Well Clarke had his annual echo yesterday, and at 5 years old, his heart is in great shape! BUT, they said he has a grade 1 or 2 murmur. He had a holter on; 2 leads were off by the time I got home from vet :thumbsdown: so going back today to have it put back on. ;) The cardiologist did not...
  6. Two Dobes


    A friend's dobe just had a diagnosis of melanoma, and it was removed, and they feel that they got 'clear' margins. I have searched these forums to see if there was anything I could share with her, but the only thing I found was the Dr. Dodds info on lumps and I at least sent that...
  7. Two Dobes

    DCM Updates from FDA

    Dr. Dodds reports on the recent findings - hope I copied this right!
  8. Two Dobes

    Rabies info from Dr. Karen Becker & Jean Dodds

    Sorry I can't find the discussion that was going on rabies and how often....but just got this in my inbox, and wanted to share. HOPEFULLY, I posted the link correctly...
  9. Two Dobes

    Glory and Clarke

    I have a million photos of all of our dobes, past and present.....I can't get enough of their beauty! So I will share 2 from today :thumbsup2: Above; Glory in the fenced backyard, below Clarke in the spacious front :rolleyes:
  10. Two Dobes

    DPCA Nationals in October...anyone going?

    Finally, a Dobe National in my own state!!!! I lived in Illinois for almost 40 years, and the year we moved to TN, they held it in IL. :( Looking forward to October!
  11. Two Dobes

    6 Days after spay....

    Our girlie Glory was spayed on Tuesday, and came through beautifully. Wed. she had what I call "sloopy" poop, but I figure it was from the antibiotic, and anesthesia. Started her on ground turkey and pumpkin...did that till Friday and her poop had firmed up. Yesterday (Sunday) it poured out...