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  1. Castielsmama

    Castiels growth/progress

    Making this thread to keep track of Castiel and his progress. 🥰 Born- 8/10/21.. 12.4 OZ Timeline before we got him 8 weeks Day we got him- 9weeks 11.5 lbs 10 weeks- 15lbs
  2. Castielsmama

    First trip to PetSmart

    Castiel wanted one of everything, but we decided to get him his tennis ball squeak toy.❤
  3. Castielsmama

    New member!

    Hey guys! My names Shaylinn and I just got my very own European/South American Dobie! I have loved dobermans since I first met one! My dad (who introduced me to this group) had a doberman, Diablo that he got in 2011. Diablo was half American and half European. Now we have a full American...