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  1. Katyusharocket

    Submit your photos for the DCF "All Breed" calendar contest here

    My squad. Toby, Katyusha, and Thor. Guarding the back door.
  2. Katyusharocket

    I NEED SOME IDEAS - Cart building

    I am really late here, but the first place I would check around is in dirt track racing circles. There are tiny dirt track go carts powered by souped up lawn mower engines and they have hydraulic brakes. I would look for one with a blown up motor. That would be pretty ideal for a frame low to...
  3. Katyusharocket

    Accessory hanger

    Thats both beautiful and useful! I love it when stuff goes from "dark corner" to useful and beautiful.
  4. Katyusharocket

    How are your Dobermans when strangers come in to your home?

    I really appreciate reading everyone's experiences and changes! So far, at 9 months, my Katyusha seems to have about 3 differing personalities when it comes to security. In the home she is silent, and will only stare at pedestrians/approachers, and it is one icy stare. When she is out in the...
  5. Katyusharocket

    Expired Doughnuts And Cookies In Dog Food

    here in the upper midwest USA, we raise a LOT of corn. thus, we raise a lot of livestock and distill lots of ethanol from the corn. I work in a feed mill, and the spent grains from distilling are so good nutritionally that we buy roughly 5 semi truck loads a day of it. It is really high in...
  6. Katyusharocket

    Website for dog food review?

    I might get judged for this but my dobie girl is growing like a weed on Member's Mark chicken and rice puppy food. She loves it too! All 3 of my dogs eat Member's Mark. My Bernese Mountain dog is 9 now and in good health, and I feel like that is saying something about its quality. I sell...
  7. Katyusharocket

    In DESPERATE need of advice for Doberteen behavior!

    This has been an amazing thread to read! Doberdemon, i admire your commitment to your dog! Just having that makes me think everything is going to turn out fine, even if it is a lot of work. I gotta confess its all a little frightening to read, as my Katyusharocket is only 7 months, so...