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  1. Horsehat

    Peeing problem

    It could be a UTI or other medical problem. It could also be that since she gets rewarded for peeing she doesn’t fully empty her bladder then pees again expecting another reward. I rewarded for peeing until my gal squatted, not a drop came out, came over expecting her treat. After that an empty...
  2. Horsehat

    I need help.

    To the above I could only add, take him to the vet. Medical problems can sometimes result in aggressive behaviors being exhibited. The dog may be in pain or have another problem that caused this. Good luck.
  3. Horsehat

    Shoes + Female European Doberman Puppy

    The more I thought about this the more sense this made, thank you for your insight. got to thinking about the circumstances where she was most likely to steal shoes and it boiled down to 1. My being present at the time 2. My not being involved in an activity with her at the time. we left for...
  4. Horsehat

    Shoes + Female European Doberman Puppy

    I believe this is dead on. She has a couple of other behaviors that accomplish the same thing, notably ringing her out bell when having neither the need or desire to go out Just so I will come to where she is. I am concerned she is smarter than me, which means that along with my wife all the...
  5. Horsehat

    Shoes + Female European Doberman Puppy

    LOL! My 6 month old has an absolute fascination with my shoes. If given the opportunity she will be headed to her bed with one every time. She doesn’t chew them as much as just sticks her nose in them and smells them. The breeder, who raised the pups in their house until 8 weeks warned us that...
  6. Horsehat

    Recurring limp

    A bit out of the expected range for panosteitis.
  7. Horsehat

    Recurring limp

    how Old is she?
  8. Horsehat

    Kaiser turns 5 today!

    Great looking boy!
  9. Horsehat

    Ear cropping help

    I might be in the minority here but I love uncropped ears. Nothing against the cropped ones, they look great as well if well done. Y’all can say my dog looks like a hound if you want, that isn’t considered an insult where I live.
  10. Horsehat

    6 Days after spay....

    Pumpkin is great for a dogs digestive system,(peoples too) but in some cases it can work against you. I am not a vet so take this for what it’s worth, when Coco has had diarrhea a few days of boiled chicken breast and rice seems to let her system reset and get back to normal. definitely a...
  11. Horsehat

    Doberman History

    Men are a lot whinier that they were 70 years ago too.
  12. Horsehat

    12 month old Doberman grunting, growling and snapping

    People love to hug. Dogs don’t.
  13. Horsehat

    I rehomed my puppy and have been sobbing all day on and off.

    You made a good and I am sure difficult decision. I applaud you for taking the high road. You have improved both your life and the life of the pup. they feel anger and frustration and it becomes part of their character. Your situation will someday change and a perfect pup will come your way when...
  14. Horsehat

    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2021

    She loves to ride shotgun.
  15. Horsehat

    Need advice! My 10.5 month old male

    I would take him to the vet to explore any physical problems that might have caused this change, then explore solutions if it turns out to be strictly behavioral.
  16. Horsehat

    Adult Doberman suddenly starts to randomly bite owner

    Original poster hasn’t been on here since August of 2017. Not likely to get an update, unfortunately.
  17. Horsehat

    Puppy vomiting

    Hope all goes well. Coco is 5 months. The only time she threw up it was yellow bile and wood pieces. we are outdoors a lot, had to keep a closer eye on what she was picking up. She seems to have outgrown the stick eating.