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    Which health test to look for when selecting a breeder / puppy

    Hi All, Didn't know if this was better asked here or in the breeder section. I've noticed that when looking through breeder sites, etc. that many of the Sire / Dam aren't tested for the same health screenings. Is this common? Are there certain health problems that affect males and females...
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    Breeder Websites not updated?

    Hi All, As I do my research looking at breeders (looking at AKC website, DPCA Breeder Directory, UDC Breeder Directory, internet searches, etc.) a common theme that I'm seeing is that many of the links to the breeders either do not work or their websites seem to not have been updated in years...
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    Question on ear crop

    Hi All, new to the forum and doing my research before we add a Doberman to the family. I looked through the "Crop pics - Let's see your style!" sticky thread, and after 26 pages of beautiful Dobermans later I still have questions. Apologies if I missed this information in the thread. 1. Many...