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  1. Maja Rocks

    10 month old dobermann with a new born human

    I never had a problem with any of my Dobermans and our children or anyones else's children for that matter. I don't know if it is a scent thing babies and puppies do smell different from their adult counterparts. My dobermans were always very gentle and affectionate with our children and were...
  2. Maja Rocks

    Prada diagnosed with DCM

    So sorry to hear this DCM is devastating. Prada has a loving and experienced owner who will see that she gets the best of care. Keeping you in our prayers. MR
  3. Maja Rocks

    How are your Dobermans when strangers come in to your home?

    Every doberman I have owned (Maja is number 6) has pretty much mirrored my response to guest and strangers alike. If it is a friend ,family or expected guest and I am happy and welcoming so are they. If they are unexpected or strangers and I am clearly suspicious, leery and unwelcoming...ditto...
  4. Maja Rocks

    Belmont gets his CD and becomes a ROM

    Congratulations to both of you! You must be especially proud of the ROM! MR
  5. Maja Rocks

    Roaming at night

    While I agree with Ravens suggestions.. A few thoughts... Generally dogs pace for a reason. Pent up energy due to lack of exercise, they need to relieve themselves, to relive boredom or anxiety. Also consider.. Has he out grow his crate and is it still comfortable? We had a similar problem with...
  6. Maja Rocks

    Pet or show quality... Can one really pick the "future" champion in a litter?

    I agree that quality breeders don't let you pick your pup especially if they don't know you.. When we got Maja after a 18 month search for "right" breeder I left it up to her to match us with the right pup. This was long before the internet and to acquire quality dogs you had to be referred or...
  7. Maja Rocks

    Pet or show quality... Can one really pick the "future" champion in a litter?

    That is true but most of the breeders I have come across charge more, often want to co own and campaign their "Show quality" puppies. Every breeder is different. Well that is the thinking & a widely accepted theory that at 8 weeks they are mini versions of what they will grow to be. But...
  8. Maja Rocks

    Food Aggression

    When ever I read post like this I always wonder "if one of your children or other family member started ,bullying, threatening, and intimidating a weaker family member what would you do? Would you allow it? Would you put up with it until some gets hurt? Or would you put a stop to immediately and...
  9. Maja Rocks

    Pet or show quality... Can one really pick the "future" champion in a litter?

    Just my opinion but grading litters is at best an educated guess/ wishful thinking on the part of the breeders and a marketing ploy to charge more for one puppy over the other. When I lived in Florida I was a member of the Fla West Coast DP Club for 20+ years. During that time I was lucky and...
  10. Maja Rocks

    Pet or show quality... Can one really pick the "future" champion in a litter?

    How exciting! Disclaimer :I have no problem with the confirmation ring. It is the breeders arena and I have the upmost respect for the all of the hard work, knowledge and passion it takes to breed champions. Thank you for all that you do and for our wonderful dogs! That said I personally...
  11. Maja Rocks

    Introducing Robin!

    Congratulations on the new puppy! You have a whole different Doberman experience ahead of you. Maja is also NA x Euro bred too. (My 1st) I have to say she is very different from the 5 NA dobermans I have had before. The breeder told/warned me they are very different and she was not...
  12. Maja Rocks

    Run free beautiful Demelza...

    Sending our deepest condolences My heart breaks for you & your family. DCM takes far too many & too soon it is so devastating. MR
  13. Maja Rocks

    Meet Kaia

    Welcome and congratulations! They grow up fast so enjoy the puppy stage. There may be times you feel exhausted just remind yourself a year from now you will wonder where did my puppy go? MR
  14. Maja Rocks

    Pet or show quality... Can one really pick the "future" champion in a litter?

    Recently I was going thru boxes of old photos and photo albums of my years showing in the confirmation ring back in the 80's & 90's . So many great memories of the wonderful dogs & people that have blessed my life over years. Going thru the photos I realized that not one of the puppies that I...
  15. Maja Rocks

    Is there a natural bob tail Doberman?

    Just when I thought I have seen it all... Rewriting the breed standard or proof a sucker is born ever minuet. MR
  16. Maja Rocks

    Does my doberman look American or euro?

    Sorry but you are asking a question that no one here can answer because there is simply not enough info to make an informed ansewer. Did your breeder not furnish you with your puppies pedigree? With all due respect posting 4 photos of a 7 1/2 week old puppy and asking it lineage is like...
  17. Maja Rocks

    Run free sweet Della...

    Jan I am so sorry reading this is heart breaking. I can only imagine how hard this is. MR
  18. Maja Rocks

    10 months already!

    Per the breed standard...Elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient. NAILED IT 100%! She checks off every box IMHO. I giver her my highest rating... 5 Dobermans...
  19. Maja Rocks

    The Beast turns 4!

    Great post thanks for sharing! WhooHoo happy birthday, Kaiser! As cute and how much fun as puppies are...It is nice when they finally mature and settle down and one gets to enjoy the benefit of all the hard work and training. Congratulations on raising a great dog! MR