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  1. Maze

    Thought she was a gonner

    That's exactly how I felt and it did happen over the weekend. Sunday morning at 5a.m. was when she regurgitated the socks and TP. Then she was on her way yo recovery back to her normal behavior. She actually learned her lesson I believe. She saw a sausage on the floor and after the first NO she...
  2. Maze

    Thought she was a gonner

    She threw up Socks and toilet paper. Up till today she has been doing great just like her old self. I feel she is more grateful for us (she's adopted and been with us for about 9 months) now that we attended to her with the utmost care.
  3. Maze

    Thought she was a gonner

    Definitely no baby socks or opened bathroom doors. We got lucky. She's a bad bitch! (In a good way)
  4. Maze

    Thought she was a gonner

    Yes I was very lucky but I did monitor her and she was otherwise behaving normal despite her loss of appetite. Still playful still eager to see me when I come home from work. My wife was watching her while I was away. We studies her poop and noticed progression with every potty session. Her...
  5. Maze

    Thought she was a gonner

    So about 2 weeks ago Maze was behaving odd when pooping. Watery, milky poops, thought she might have ate something from the kids possession but then she was throwing up her food! And I was like okay this is definitely something more than just an isolated foreign thing she ate. Turns out she...
  6. Maze

    Upgraded to a SportDOG 425 XS

    It does but it's so low she isn't phased by it. Hopefully I can teach her the tone is a pre shock indication if the behavior is not corrected.
  7. Maze

    Upgraded to a SportDOG 425 XS

    Zaps for pulling and not coming "here". Zaps for not heeling while we walk. It only took like 3 or 4 button presses and she did not pull. But she felt betrayed with that humanized look in her eyes. Today I will put it on and play with her so she can think of it as fun time with a e collar...
  8. Maze

    Upgraded to a SportDOG 425 XS

    Took Maze out to the park and she was so hyper nothing I did could snap her attention back to me. So, next time I will be prepared! I purchased the shock collar to hopefully get my dog to obey my commands and to focus on the owner and not on other dogs minding their business or kids riding...
  9. Maze

    Proud dog owner

    Maze got her stitches out of her ear from the hematoma operation. I took her out for a walk this morning, (day after sutures being removed) and I encounters a man who she focused on. He commented on how well kept she is and mention the ear being the exception. I informed him the sutures were...
  10. Maze


    Hello again fellow doberman owners. It has been a while since I have posted. Been busy working and searching for a home. Anyway I come to you all seeking knowledge; Maze developed a hematoma on her ear. It started out about 40% of her ear but about 3 to 5 days after it spread to about 80% of...
  11. Maze

    Doberman vs Poodle

    My dobermann was adopted at 9 months. And I had the unrealistic easiest experience with her. They are so intelligent. More obedient than my toddlers at times. Lol
  12. Maze

    Urinating on people

    Lmfao. Good dog! ...jk. that sucks. But it is funny and maybe embarrassing? Possession; Why do they pee on anything? marking territory.
  13. Maze

    What are we feeding for top grade food these days ?

    So just swapped Maze's food for Canidae dog food. Its pretty good. I was recommended to it by a Barber who said the coat of the dog was so much better than any other food he tried. Maze has ate about half the bag since the purchase. And she seems to enjoy it. Good stools, good coat, no...
  14. Maze

    Owner/parent debate

    I dont understand the term pet parent because I was raised hearing pet owner.
  15. Maze

    Bring the bag

    As you were; I confused the military working dog with the tax collecting dog. It would be cool if his dogs did retrieve bags though. I kinda hope evidence or stories can confirm that- "So there i was; it was me and my dog and the man was upset he had to give me the money. He was a big...
  16. Maze

    Bring the bag

    So as we all should know, Dobermann created his Pinscher to protect him as he collected some owed currency in bags. I read that he even used his dogs to retrieve the bag so I want to teach Maze how to retrieve an item, specifically a bag. Do any of you here have advice on how to teach a Dobie...
  17. Maze

    Thinking on changing dog food

    I have been using purina pro plan too and made a change yesterday to Canidae dry dog food. Its 50 dollars for a 25lb bag. The most expensive I have encountered, but I was recommended to it by someone who has used it and said great things in regards to coat. Purina has no negative effects from my...
  18. Maze

    Skouts Honor Deoderizer w honeysuckle

    I bathed her again with it and nothing happened the bumps didn't return.
  19. Maze

    Skouts Honor Deoderizer w honeysuckle

    Okay ladies and gents so I forgot to update you all on the product Skouts Honor: I finished the bottle like on Tuesday. I must say it really exceeded my expectations. Granted it would have lasted longer if I didn't constantly spray my dog every 3 or 5 hours daily, for the first few days...
  20. Maze

    Puppy Questionnaire Help

    That has always seemed odd to me, invasion of privacy. Several rescue locations asked for that info and I didn't choose to adopt from those. I went with another rescue location because they didn't care what the living situation was. I have an apartment and the dog is cared for and whatever is...