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    13 Month Old Ears Not Standing

    @Doberman Gang I would really appreciate if you can reach out at your earliest convenience, since I haven't figure out how to send you a dm(message) since I am still newbie in this platform or call/text @ 817 809 8830. I have a few technical questions about your slat mill. Thank you in advance!
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    13 Month Old Ears Not Standing

    You can give this combination a try: Glucosamine as supplement, to help build/strengthen her ears cartilage and chewing (bones/toys) to strengthen her nerves. I am not a vet, but this combination always works on my GSD puppies. Good luck
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    Need advice! My 10.5 month old male

    Very nice advice, since most people believe their dog's are trained for life after sending the dog to a few weeks of training. It's like saying, if you studied algebra/calculus in high-school, then you should be able to solve any equation at any point of your life, WRONG! "Practice makes...