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  1. crypticintent

    Things the Significant Other Wishes Dog Didnt Know:

    Sit. ...and fart.
  2. crypticintent

    Ezri - New Favorite Toy - Frisbee

    We've been working a lot of catch recently at the dog park and I captured this one of Ezri today doing our play session.
  3. crypticintent

    The Only Way to Chew a Bone

    Precariously perched on the edge of the couch. Pock marks on the wood floors to show it doesn't always stay put.
  4. crypticintent

    Ezri gets to second base...

    ... and loves it.
  5. crypticintent

    JW- Bad Cuz

    So we got Ezri a Bad Cuz. It’s one of her favoritist toys ever!!!! She prefers it over most of her balls (it bounces funny) and her nylabones (loud squeaks!) I’ve gotten so far 2 weeks out of it, and we are only missing a little bit of the devil horn. (Don’t ask about the amount of teeth marks...
  6. crypticintent

    Fuzzy Toy

    I know most of our little heathens destroy toys like there is no tomorrow, but Ezri still likes her fuzzy toys to suckle and chew on before sleep. We've had some success with this particular toy...
  7. crypticintent

    Ezri’s First Stalk

    Not pictured is a cat on the other side of the two doorways. First time either me or the wife were able to catch it on video.
  8. crypticintent

    Bridge Question:

    We have lots of good posting information on here, but I’m curious as to one part. When do you guys remove the bridge? What am I looking for in my little girl to move from radar to alien ears? Her vet was really impressed already with how her ears are starting to stand on their own (she’s still...
  9. crypticintent

    Dog Crate and Standing Desk

    So our project before we got our little girl was to build a crate. I just got authorization from my work to be able to do a lot more remote work (my job does not matter about being in office) so my wife, good friend and I decided to make a combination crate and standing desk. If need be, I’ll...