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    Crazy week

    So our hot rod Beretta finds trouble. We've lived here almost 16 years. She has been bitten on two different occasions five days apart by copperhead snakes, AND run headlong into the end of a pipe repurposed as a wheelbarrow handle and cut the top of her head 1.5 inches above one eye two days...
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    Update from Mars. My last post

    I am so sorry - Dobies live life with tremendous zest and leave a huge hole when they pass away.
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    How are your Dobermans when strangers come in to your home?

    Gunnar (admittedly NOT full doberman) is around 18 months old. He is a completely lovable slob with anyone, greeting them like long lost friends, all wiggles and tail wags. No reasonable person would see him as threatening, despite his 80+ pounds. A bit disappointing, but a truly sweet dog. He...
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    Gunnar and Beretta

    This is an accurate representation of our 2 dobes. Gunnar is calm, and still (but keeping an eye on Beretta.) Beretta is... a blur! 😅 I did get another picture of Beretta in a down/stay. She wants to please, but it's hard when you're a tornado! 😄
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    Hmmm. I've only noticed that when corn is in their diet.
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    Doberman colors and differences in temperament?

    WhenI showed pomeranians, I had several. We also had one toy poodle. The Poms always got along very well, even sharing laps. Whe the poodle tried to join in, the Poms spat racist epithets at her. Not joking - literally spat at dog curses at her. She didn't care, and ignored them because she knew...
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    Doberman colors and differences in temperament?

    And even then, littermates, or in the case of humans, siblings are just somewhat different from each other, even same sex. 😉
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    Doberman colors and differences in temperament?

    Thank you for your response. It seemed to me that coat color determining specific tendencies would be like saying blue eyed people are usually happy go lucky, green eyed people are more reserved, and brown eyed people are more congenial, however I do know the gene pool on purebred dogs is far...
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    Doberman colors and differences in temperament?

    I have seen comments such as "after all, it's a red doberman" etc. Can someone tell me if there are observations about temperament type between black, red, blue and fawn? I know that blues often have thinner coats, so there are physical difference generalities.
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    Another DCM diagnosis...

    Not a diagnosis any of us want to hear, but hope in a new treatment. Glad he is responding well so soon.
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    Baretta Frantic At Feeding Time

    Ok, that's FUNNY! (And a little bit scary.... haha)
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    Hott Topics and Politics Opt In

    I would like to opt in
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    Baretta Frantic At Feeding Time

    Ok - so I'm not necessarily failing. She would never leave anyone else's food alone unless she was on the prong collar and forced. Neither would our Aussie - hence feeding in separate locations. And yes, I have begun using the prong collar to control this turbo charged little gal. She does...
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    Baretta Frantic At Feeding Time

    I have dealt with dogs that are enthusiatic at meal times. But Baretta is absolutely frantic to get to the food. I have been able to get her to sit and stay without the leash. However, as I get ready to feed her, she is racing in and out of her crate overnand over, barreling across the floor...
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    I feed each of our dogs separately but asking for suggestions

    Good points about pack structure and location. Thank you.
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    I feed each of our dogs separately but asking for suggestions

    The crate is at one end of the porch, and I feed Josie at the other end. Gunnar is fed inside his crate as well, in the house. Beretta is contained in her crate. Josie does not have a crate, but even if she did, Beretta would throw this fit. I just wondered if there is a good way to address this...
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    I feed each of our dogs separately but asking for suggestions

    Our three big dogs are very food oriented. I feed one doberman Gunnar (male) in the house, one Aussie female Josie on the back porch, and the new female doberman Beretta 7 months old in her crate on the back porch. The Aussie has, from eight weeks felt all food is hers, but typically "leaned"...
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    Kali got rolled by two coyotes....and survived

    Looks like tooth scrapes. They don't usually scab since the skin isn't broken. I have seen that on a dog we have that years ago wandered off lost. Something had grabbed her around her pelvis but she escaped before they got a good hold. Also saw them on my ex's arm when he tried to corral a dog...