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  1. Skb

    Skynyrd at vet getting stitches

    Im at the vet right now with Skynyrd. He is getting stitches in his right rear leg. He was running around the backyard chasing squirrels like he does everyday. I was sitting out there with him. When we got ready to go inside I was wiping his feet off and drying him with a towel and I noticed...
  2. Skb

    Skynyrd running and rest days

    Ive been wanting to get advice on this and finally have time to post. I run about 5 miles on trails about 6 times a week. Skynyrd always goes with me. Im able to let him off leash throughout the whole run. He runs ahead, comes back, chases squirrels, smells and pees. There are lots of ponds that...
  3. Skb

    Treats and chews

    I tried to find a thread on this but couldnt find exactly what I am wanting to know.... What do you all give for treats and how much during the day? Skynyrd is ALWAYS wanting treats. He constantly brings me his kongs/ toys/ anything that can be filled with treats. He does this all day long. I...
  4. Skb

    Need advice -growling at family

    Lately Skynyrd, my 2 yr old male has been growling at family members again when they go to pet him and he is laying on my bed. He used to do this with my 10 yr old son but had stopped. Now he is doing it again to my son and my mom. It is usually when he is on my bed. As soon as I hear him growl...
  5. Skb

    Best way to greet visitors

    Needing some advice on this topic badly. My dad is on hospice for cancer and we have a lot of nurses, friends, visitors that come to the house every day. My 2 yr old male dobie Skynyrd is very friendly but Im not sure about the best way to introduce him to all these people. Sometimes I leave him...
  6. Skb

    The Goofy Dobie

    I just got back from taking my boy on our daily run/ hike. I can't count the times I had to stop bc I was laughing so hard. He is so goofy and entertaining. Its one of my favorite things about him. My question is, are all dobies goofy? Do they all have this sense of humor? I know all have...