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  1. HappyJoe


    Just a fun question. Curious about how many unique ways a doberman will use that long snout of theirs! Joe will let me know that I am taking too long getting ready for his walk by running over to his leash, use his nose to flip it onto his back, look at me and whine! :p
  2. HappyJoe


    What are your thoughts on or experience with muzzles? Joe,my reactive shelter adoption is doing really well and settling down nicely. Walks by MOST people and dogs and ignores them. The catch is MOST. Every once in awhile he will bark and sometimes lunge toward someone who is saying "Good...
  3. HappyJoe

    Dog Seat Belt Harness

    Has anyone used these? Do you think they are as safe or safer than an airline crate in the back? We have a compact SUV (Mazda CX5) and it seems kinda slidey for the crate. If Joe was secured to the seat-belt while laying down in the back seat it seems like that would be safer. Opinions please!
  4. HappyJoe

    Miniature Pinscher

    On our walks I have been stopped several times by people who tell me they have "A smaller one of those." I have never owned a Min Pin or even known one very well, but I do know they are a separate breed and for some reason the comment irks me on both dogs behalf! Is their any similarity?
  5. HappyJoe

    Joe College

    Dropped Joe off at college on Friday. This place is serious. They train and sell police dogs (mostly Mals). The owner is a Ring judge and regional director as well. In fact they held a regional French Ring trial this weekend. Plus they have retreats and hold classes for "pets" including CGC...
  6. HappyJoe

    Why do they LEAN so much?

    Just a silly question What's with the leaning? All dogs lean sometimes but this is ridiculous! I wonder if there is a leaner in the breeds that were used originally to "make" a Doberman?
  7. HappyJoe

    Dog Boots

    We live in the desert where the ground can get hot very quickly and there are thorns and sharp rocks on the ground. We like to go hiking and I love my lightweight boots. We need to get some boots for Joe. Would love any suggestions pro or con and to hear your trials and tribulations on trying to...
  8. HappyJoe

    Update: Happy Joe the county shelter rescue

    Firstly, he has definitely wormed his way into our hearts and is becoming part of the family. We think he was walked very little and tied out in a yard-his "mug shot" shows him with a spike collar on and a chewed off tether hanging from it. On the other hand, it seems he was loved on (maybe...