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  1. Two Dobes

    Remy’s Show Thread

    Wow he is maturing nicely! Congrats!!!!!
  2. Two Dobes

    Training for getting along with other dogs

    Love that you posted your experience with your neighbor. Definatley makes a difference when you know the dog, and the owner. Too many people jump the gun, and think 'oh they seem fine together' and the problem starts. Great info!!
  3. Two Dobes

    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2024

    Glory, in all her glory :)
  4. Two Dobes

    My Dobie is Destroying my Door

    :thumbsup: Yes, we didn't 'leave' them with just the gates; it was for when we were home watching them They were very respectful, because once knocked a gate over and it made such a clatter that neither would go near it again :). At night, I slept in one room with the boy, and my husband in the...
  5. Two Dobes

    Foot soaking over the years....

    Took me a minute, but wasn't it a dish soap? Green bottle? In the commercial, the gal has her hands soaking in a bowl....gonna drive me nuts what it was!!!! I remember when I met my husband's mom (30+ years ago) SHE had that in her bathroom as bubble bath!!!! PALMOLIVE!!!
  6. Two Dobes

    Stassi; better and worse.

    WOW! Coyotes are amazing arn't they? When I see them, they seem to float. I have never seen one running 100mph from a doberman ;) Good girl that she gave up the hunt and came back!
  7. Two Dobes

    Fun at our son's house

    She is fast!!!! Love to see a doberman open up. Great adventures for you all! Love that she is so confident in the shower too.
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    Picked up my first Doberman last week! Any tips?

    Welcome! Be sure to check out all the puppy threads on here...I don't know how to post them so you can click on them, but there is a TON of information, and others experiences to gleen from! Love the little red boy! Name? Look forward to hearing all about him!
  9. Two Dobes

    Blister in between toes?

    I am big on soaking feet in epson salts ;) Always seems to help the healing process by drying it up. Of course Glory is still in a sock due to her pad injury a few weeks ago....I let her 'go' a few days without it because it had healed nicely, and she has licked it again :facepalm: Dobies do...
  10. Two Dobes

    Should I be concerned about low weight?

    Here is Falcon, 8 months old....see how he looks real skinny when he lays down? But normal standing....except the photo makes his head look huge:tonguewink:
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    My 15 month old Doberman does not like other male dogs

    Great info here for you....and I agree that you can walk together with another male, BOTH on leash, and they don't need to 'say hello' to one another before you head off on your walk, or even after. It is an exercise for him to accept walking with another male, period. As said; with a person...
  12. Two Dobes

    Should I be concerned about low weight?

    Sounds as though you are researching the best you can! My boy is also 8 months, and looks thinner to me; but is growing like a I figure it is the growing spurt. I agree with checking the stool again; giardia can't always be discovered by a standard stool test - so be specific that...
  13. Two Dobes

    Olive is in the hospital...

    Oh Jan, how awful for you all. So, it was because she ate something ? Looked like it said Pancreatitus? Happy dance indeed when they start to act normal again.
  14. Two Dobes

    Throw Back Thursday

    I named him Dante....after Dante's Inferno. I loved the name for him. I had a piece of cheese in my mouth...that was going onto the triscit for me!
  15. Two Dobes

    They change so fast.....

    Thank you for that info! I had never heard of that either! I have a few trick dog titles through AKC, but had not heard of those others!
  16. Two Dobes

    Flint is 1 year today!

    He is maturing nicely!
  17. Two Dobes

    Ear posting/testing and crate training regression

    Or how about using an x pen when she is in the livingroom sleeping? Not as confining as a crate, but will keep her from exercising the cats. Although you said she is very vocal....not sure it would work. She looks like a beautiful she a red? Sorry for your frustration. Once they...
  18. Two Dobes

    Throw Back Thursday

    I just found this thread! Love all these is my very first Doberman, got him out of the newspaper for $200. The people insisted on 'delivering' him to us....RED FLAG. He was gorgeous; but had many issues. Go figure. I used to have him come up to kiss me. :facepalm:
  19. Two Dobes

    Diamond Naturals?

    It's a good food, people have good results. I fed it years ago, never had issues. If it is available to you, it might be worth trying!
  20. Two Dobes

    My Dobie is Destroying my Door

    It almost looks like a door that is inside your house? Do you close him in somewhere? If that is the case, try using a gate if you want to keep him in a specific room while you are gone....I know Dobermans freak out in general if you try and close them in anywhere....I have 36" gates I bought...