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  1. Rnrgyrl

    Sleeping positions

    When he’s sleeping I just want to like bother him! Too cute! How do your dogs sleep?
  2. Rnrgyrl

    Fun Weekend!

    Fun weekend. NC triangle dobe fun! Umstead park! Kobe is the most stubborn ahole among his friends. Does not want to listen!
  3. Rnrgyrl

    6 Month old still having accidents in house

    I work for a major auto insurance company we are busier than ever! Thankfully they have made sure to take precautions for us and we do a lot of our conferencing through the Internet. Because this all kicked off in March and I had just got my puppy at the end of January it’s been a blessing in...
  4. Rnrgyrl

    Doggie army vest

    Koberoo got his Army vest but its kinda big. He’s only six months so he still has growing to do I’m gonna make him start to carry his own shit. Water. Poobags. Ball. Snaks. My phone. My chapstick. My snaks. Lol. Extra socks. One of the chihuahuas...He needs to earn his room and board(and tested...