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  1. JanS

    Critters and wildlife in your area - post your pics

    This morning I pulled out of the driveway at "stupid 0'clock" and got a few hundred feet away when I saw this big black thing on the side of the road looking at me. At first I thought it was a big bear but then I figured out it was way too big to be a bear and realized it was a moose. I know...
  2. JanS

    Ear posting popping out

    I personally wouldn't use the top brace since they can catch it on so many things and they need to have control of their ears. Most of us even stop using the bottom brace after a few postings so they control more and build more muscle from the base.
  3. JanS

    Thought she was a gonner

    I'm glad she's okay but don't let 2 weeks fool you. Sometimes the objects can just move to a different spot and cause worse problems down the road. I'd want an x-ray as a minimum to know what may or may not still be in there.
  4. JanS

    Summer Trip to the Mountains

    What great photos and it looks like you all had a great time! Happy belated Anniversary too!
  5. JanS

    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2021

    I'm a little late but I'm so sorry for your loss @Lizbeli . :( I'm so glad he was able to walk you down the aisle and it might have been what he was waiting for before he crossed to the other side to be with other loved ones. Those are great photos!
  6. JanS


    I was really surprised when one of my coworkers showed me a photo of the new pup her and her BF have coming. I asked her what breed it is since they're still really young and he's an English Mastiff. She's never had a dog of any kind before but her boyfriend has so hopefully they'll do fine with...
  7. JanS

    Black Dog or White Dog: Which is Better for your Security Needs?

    Black dog all the way. Just think of @Gelcoater s GIF sig and it kind of says it all. To me a white dog of any breed brings visions of a marshmallow or other soft fluffy thing that isn't intimidating at all. That's where Albert's biothane collar from Ridgeway Leatherworks (Jersey Firefighter)...
  8. JanS

    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2021

    I'm so sorry to hear that. :( He sounded like a kind, wonderful man and I'm sure him and your Mom are at peace together once again.
  9. JanS

    Bedja's thread

    What a great discovery and I can imagine what a relief it is to you.
  10. JanS

    Zorro- Pure or not

    He's a handsome boy but it's impossible to know without registration papers or the DNA testing.
  11. JanS

    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2021

    I tried this the other day but it wouldn't upload at all. Our little maniac. LOL
  12. JanS

    Lifetime Training

    I totally agree with all of this. When I hear someone say "I know everything there is to know and I'm perfect", I know they're selling themselves short and limiting life long lessons in life.
  13. JanS

    Yago Our Hearts are broken.

    I'm so very sorry. :( What beautiful photos of the beautiful dogs and you can clearly see what a great life he had with you. Run free Yago. :sorrow:
  14. JanS

    Feather Plucking/Feather Loss

    They're beautiful! One of our African Greys was a feather plucker but I believe it was when we switched him to Zupreem food that he stopped. Feather plucking can be like hot spots on dogs and once they get in the habit it's hard to break.
  15. JanS

    Ripley's Big 1st Birthday Thread

    Happy belated Birthday beautiful girl! :hb: :party: :dobe: It's so nice looking back at photos to watch how she's matured and excelled.
  16. JanS

    Northeast PA - Farm Dog Certified, CGC and Trick Dog tests 6/12-13

    Our club plans to do the farm dog one as soon as they're sanctioned. We had the first non licensed match a couple weeks ago and should hear back pretty soon.
  17. JanS


    That's really true. Many of us old timers have lost the beloved dogs we had when we first started here and now there are many of us starting new chapters many years later.
  18. JanS

    Alternative Methods For Ear Posting

    That's a tough one but even if you have to do the zip tie method every day at least you're keeping them up. I think many people will put whatever medication the vet prescribes in the canal first, then post as usual. They Quick Brace would be a DIY option if you're handy but that one does...
  19. JanS

    Happy first Birthday Phoebe & Ripley!

    Welcome to my world. LOL