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    Who? Me?

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    Tick Toc

    This is great!
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    Asha head profile

    Wow! She is gorgeous!!!😍
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    To clingy or not to clingy

    My boy was like that for a while too. I do EVERYTHING for him as well. When he was younger, he would leave me as soon as my husband would come home. Now, at 2 1/2 years old, he wants to be with me. He still likes his own space every now and then. Sometimes, he will come by me for some...
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    Another Dog

    Prince came to me at the right time in my life. My mom became very ill latter part of 2021, so after I would take care of her on those days, I would come home and train with him in between work, etc. It was hectic, but very therapeutic for me. Unfortunately, she passed away in August of last...
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    Another Dog

    Thank you so much! That made me cry. Happy tears, of course. There were many times I wanted to pull my hair out LOL. This group has really helped me a lot. Thank you guys so much! I'm lucky to have such a great support group.
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    Asha turns 4

    Happy Birthday Asha! She is so beautiful!!!
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    High prey drive leading to aggression and attempted bite. Please help!

    How much mental stimulation is he getting? Remember you need to do some physical stimulation, but more mental stimulation to give them an outlet. My boy would get frustrated and act like this until I learned to meet both needs every day.
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    Another Dog

    They all have water hose/shower spots to rinse off yourself and dogs at the rentals. Thanks on the training! I work hard with him daily and he absolutely has fun! I found that one tug toy that you see that motivates him. I keep it up and only take it out when we train/play as I do...
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    Another Dog

    Thank you! yes! Totally agree
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    Another Dog

    He tried his dominance over neck move a few times on the other dog, but ended up both enjoying each other's company. Lol This was a pet friendly beach, so keeping him under control when other dogs around, was challenging at times but nothing major. He listened most of the time. Birds were an...
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    Another Dog

    Hey Gang! We are back from our beach vacation in Florida, and it was a success! He absolutely loved it!!! Here are some of the pictures!
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    Favorite places to buy natural chews?

    I love Farm Hounds. I buy from them frequently for the natural rawhides that last for days and also their treats for training.
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    Another Dog

    We will be headed to St. George Island, FL. It is a very pet friendly beach and rental homes allow dogs. I loved looking at all of your pictures from your Fort Morgan trip! The only thing that I worry about is this long 6 hour drive with him. I saw a post on another site of someone driving...
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    Another Dog

    Yes, Colby (Lab) is trained as well as Prince. I was actually working on impulse control as Prince laid there watching Colby run up and down with the ball the other night. He did really well! We will be meeting up more and I will let my son know what will be expected on his part during the...
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    Another Dog

    Sunday evening pictures
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    Another Dog

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    Another Dog

    Thanks everyone! Pictures will follow after! I’m curious to see how he will do!
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    Another Dog

    He made 2 years March 23