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  1. JanS

    Critters and wildlife in your area - post your pics

    Yesterday the dogs were out on the back corner of the fence where I can't see them so I walked out there. I put Elroy in some focus work on me coming back when I came across a dreaded snake in our path. He was still focused on me so I went way around and he stuck with me and Olive followed...
  2. JanS

    CBD and Immune System Effects Dr Colleen Smith Tennessee, USA DVM, CVA, CVCP

    So @strykerdobe , is this still a decent brand? Calming Chews For Dogs I'm just looking to get it for Elroy's car sickness.
  3. JanS

    Random Pet Video of the Day - Share yours!

    I've taught Elroy to chase the squirrel off the feeder and Olive is catching on but this stupid one didn't want to get off and he wasn't sure what to do then. LOL
  4. JanS

    Ear posting puppy- continues to get dermatitis

    I really like whoever Vera gets for a crop vet since they fit the dog nicely.
  5. JanS

    Who? Me?

    Aww pure innocence.
  6. JanS

    Trying to get in contact

    I agree, the South American is the perfect balance between the delicate American and thicker Euro.
  7. JanS

    Crusty / peeling nose

    I've never experienced anything like it. Have you checked with a vet?
  8. JanS

    They change so fast.....

    Such a pretty girl!
  9. JanS

    Trying to get in contact

    It can just be a pain to import them and it's a real crap shoot when there are so many fly by night Euro brokers. I have a few friends who have imported from Liparland in Serbia and that worked out well but she's definitely not a broker.
  10. JanS

    Revel's First Birthday (photo dump)

    Great photos and videos! Happy Birthday Revel! :dobe: :hb:
  11. JanS

    What age should I spay my doberman?

    Yes she does and with her intact females one could happen to be in heat so it wouldn't help her situation to send Elroy there.
  12. JanS

    Doberman puppy owners - track your weight gain here

  13. JanS

    Ear posting puppy- continues to get dermatitis

    We were posting at the same time. LOL
  14. JanS

    Ear posting puppy- continues to get dermatitis

    Your post job looks good but you could use a lot less tape. One wrap around the bottom and one around the top is good.
  15. JanS

    What age should I spay my doberman?

    Olive already has a place to go (Tina's) when she comes in so that will make it much easier.
  16. JanS

    Ear posting puppy- continues to get dermatitis

    It almost looks like it could be from the tape removal. I use baby powder on the hair since of the ear so it doesn't stick too much, then Unisolve to remove the tape.
  17. JanS

    Ear Posting problems

    I agree that you need bumpers to straighten them out. Here's a link.
  18. JanS

    What age should I spay my doberman?

    Your breeder and original vet are correct about waiting until at least 18 months since it can really mess up the hormones while they're growing. Our female is 6.5 months now and I won't even consider it until she's 18 - 24 months. Our breeder also has it in the contract that they can't be spayed...
  19. JanS

    Submit your photos for the 2024 "Purely Puppies" calendar here

    I have 2 per dog per category but they're all cute.