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    Free Roam of the House

    Hi everyone, Had a question that I wanted to ask the dobie community, for those who crate trained: what was the age when you left the crate open and allowed them free roam of the house? My girl is approaching 7 months now and is getting better with house rules: what is an appropriate toy, what...
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    Resource Guarding - Where Did I Go Wrong?!

    Hi all! My girl is 6 months old and just started showing signs of resource guarding. I've had her since she was 3 months and here's a little background on our training thus far: -She takes to her crate very well. She can shut off and doesn't whine anymore when she is in it. -Hand-feeding is...
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    Are ears done?

    Hi everyone! Here’s my girl Gin. She’s 5months and we’ve been posting pretty regularly. They stand up now for 48 hours but we don’t give them a chance to fall since we post them back up. (I had put breathe right strips just in case but they aren’t floppy at the tips) When did you all know it...