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  1. Mars

    European Puppy Needed & Wanted

    As many of you know, Mars my service Dobie passed away last week. There is simply no way to replace him and I’m not even going to try. He was my 3rd service dog in 28 years, the other 2 retired and were rotated in and out. But now I find myself needing a new service dog and after having Mars I...
  2. Mars

    Embarrassing or Odd Dobie moments.

    Just reading threads and came across the Dobie peeing on strangers. Made me laugh and reminded me of some of the stupid crap Mars would pull. His best bad habit was kissing all the ladies and ONLY the ladies. Didn’t matter if he knew them or not, they were gettin’ a Mars kiss or 200. Curious...
  3. Mars

    Update from Mars. My last post

    Hey guys, been awhile since I’ve been here. I’m gonna make my hoo man do the typin’ today because I can’t today. Give ya all an update on me because I know ya’all can’t get enough. Well Saturday night I took my hooman to the playground. It was one of those fenced in ones cause you know how...
  4. Mars

    I was bad. But the food was good. My tummy!

    My human left the pantry door cracked last night and there was a nice 20 lb bag of food in there. Beef flavor, my favorite. I only took a small bite, then maybe a couple more. Now it has about 8 lbs left and he got it on Wednesday. Any ideas on how to hide this from him and help my tummy? I...
  5. Mars

    How'd you pick your human?

    Mars here with a shout out to all my Dobie friends and a question: How'd you pick your human from all the humans out there? I had help finding mine. I was raised as a puppy, the best puppy ever they say, by a really cool and nice lady named Nikki. Now Nikki took the time to train me...