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  1. Regalis

    Muzzles ...

    Anyone have practical experience here? Seems Baskervilles are most recommended. But sizing has me a bit confused. Kaizer would be in between a 5 and 6. So do I order the larger? Or is there a better option/type?
  2. Regalis

    Custom Collars

    No clue where this should go. Ok, so as some of you know a very dear friend/brother recently passed. No clue why, but I'd love to get a %100 custom leather collar made for Kaizer in my own good way of remembering him (dogs were one of our huge common interests). But I have no clue where to...
  3. Regalis

    Kaizer Turned 1!

    So with all the chaos of the last week, I hadn't really had the motivation to make a post. We were not home on Saturday, his actual bday and haven't felt much like celebrating. So instead we did what he loves - playing badminton! Then we took a super long walk (like, I think we walked for 7...
  4. Regalis


    A little over a year :( not nearly long enough! She took a sudden turn for the worse at about a year, stopped eating (and she was still thin, I only ever got her up to about 75 pounds and she still looked horribly thin), started falling a lot, having issues standing and walking again. Because of...
  5. Regalis


    Not Kaizer, thankfully, but my 3 year old lab. He's limping on and off on his rear right leg. It started while playing fetch. I had honestly forgotten about it and when we played fetch yesterday, it set it off again. It seems to come on after he jumps. I can't tell if it's hip or the next joint...
  6. Regalis


    Something I read reminded me that it's been just over one year since I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my husky boy. I'm horrible with dates and don't tend to pay much attention to what the date is, so sometimes I miss "important days". I spent the one year anniversary walking for miles upon...
  7. Regalis

    E-collar set ups for 2 dogs

    I've researched and searched until I can't see straight but I'm still at a loss. Ok. So I want two complete set ups. Not one remote and two collars. Two completely seperate deals so that if/when needed, both dogs have their ecollars (sometimes I take Kaizer with me and leave the lab at home...
  8. Regalis

    Vertex vs SuperFuel vs Bully Max

    Anyone use any of these with any success? Aside from the name, I like bully max based on reviews alone. Yes, I understand that hypothetically a dog should be getting everything it needs from it's kibble. However, my poor lab is dropping weight, even with increasing food amounts. He's eating...
  9. Regalis

    When do anti-tethering ordinances/laws go too far?

    So this is the newest ordinances out of Detroit. Supposedly intended to reduce/eliminate 24-7 tethering with heavy chains. However, further inspection shows that it by far surpasses just targeting truly abused and neglected dogs and targets anyone using tethers for any reason for more than "3...
  10. Regalis

    How to handle off leash/loose dogs?

    So Kaizer has been making really great progress with his reactions towards other dogs. He no longer loses his mind when he simply hears a dog barking or just sees one. But twice last night we encountered unrestrained dogs (not at a dog park or anything, mind you, just out walking). The first was...
  11. Regalis

    Gas/diarrhea after rabies vaccine

    Kaizer got his first rabies shot Saturday (yeah, a bit late if you follow the vets vaccine schedule). Not only does he have rather loose stools, but this gas is something else. Anyone else ever had anything similar? I know diarrhea is fairly common, but his gas is so bad Im about to tie an air...
  12. Regalis

    Evil Trash Bags

    So it's trash night here. Of course Kaizer noticed the two trash bags, across the street! Lol. Kinda thought we were past this phase, but the fresh snow makes them really stick out. And ignore the massive pile of blankets, the kids were doing ... Im not even sure what.
  13. Regalis

    Boomerang Collar Tags

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned these yet and I just thought of it since I need to order new ones after moving. These tags are literally the best I've used. My husky had his for years and he was rough on collars/tags, I put it through the washing machine on his collar I don't even know how many...
  14. Regalis

    Neck Tech Pinch Collar

    Just curious, has anyone used these with any success? I have a really hard time unclasping the regular prong collars. I also like that they look a little less menacing (to the general public) and are less likely to illicit misinformed "advice". Stainless Steel Neck Tech Pinch Dog Collar...
  15. Regalis

    Barking/growling at other dogs

    Just as the title says. Unfortunately, due to a series of life circumstances Kaizer hasn't gotten much socialization since october-november. Today we decided to take the dogs with us to pick up food, treats, etc. He barked and growled at every single dog he saw. Sometimes raising hair, sometimes...
  16. Regalis

    Kaizer - Dobe/Rott

    This is my boy Kaizer, he's half dobe (mom) and half rott (dad). Both gorgeous Euro lines. Long story short, he was an oops litter. Momma broke into daddy's kennel when she was in heat. I think he looks and acts predominantly dobe, just with the longer wavy fur. First day home - ~7 pounds...