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    Doberman Nail grooming tips

    My Heidi refuses to allow me to touch her nails .I have had 23 dogs in my life and she is the first I have struggled with. Is it too much Trauma to have three people hold her down with blanket and force her to relax . I have even thought of hanging her with a harness off the ground . Someone...
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    Appetite problems help!!!!

    My Heidi lost her appetite at 11 months ,I followed another doby owners suggestion. Put her food down for 5 minutes ,If she didn't eat .I put it away and wait till next feed time . Unless there is something wrong with her stomach. I do not believe there is a dog out there who will intentionally...
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    Nail Trim advice?

    Thankyou for all your tips
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    Nail Trim advice?

    I will try the leash thing maybe it will help.
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    Nail Trim advice?

    Keeping ones emotions out of it are my first hurtle, She is wonderful in every other aspect. Very true she always has one eye cracked just waiting for me to pick up clippers..
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    Nail Trim advice?

    I will try all the above hints . She is 14 months now . Her toe nails are lethal if she sees one of my toes half buried sticking out of the sand. We walk Kailua beach everyday.
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    Nail Trim advice?

    Heidi is 14 months now I will try all of the above hints .I hope they work ,Her toe nails can do big damage to your toes if she sees one sticking out of the sand.
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    Nail Trim advice?

    Not sure how to use this forum But I need to trim my gils toe nails and she will not let me near her with dremmel or nail clippers. She freaks when I touch her nails and I have never made a mistake as in cutting the quick. I try catching her sleeping and maybe get one nail a week.
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    ADVISE PLEASE!!!! Puppy non-stop biting

    My girl is very well behaved ,but she has a fit if I even touch her toe nails or come near her with a dremmel or cutters. I think I have done every thing right but I believe some Dobes just will not put up with grooming mechanics.
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    Need help. Leash biting

    I purchased a leash made of chain . She does not like chain in her mouth.