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Male XDog vom Gerdautal

vom Gerdautal in Berlin, Germany
Breeders Website:
Legal Owner/s:
Diane Jessup
Stud Service?:
  • Yes
  • xdog13mo sm.jpg xdog13mo sm.jpg xdog2 (2).jpg xdog1 (2).jpg toxic head.jpg toxic_w.jpg jedi_new (2).jpg

    Toxic; a hard, absolutely beautiful bitch. I am so lucky to have a pup from her! Jedi, a big, beautiful dog with good health clearances.
    X-Dog is a young dog with a very happy, active attitude. He is undergoing his health testing at this time; so far he has OFA perfect dentition, OFA Normal elbows, OFA Normal patellas and OFA EXCELLENT hips (prelim). DNA CLEAR for DCM 1 and DCM 2 and clear for vWD. He is scheduled for heart and eyes in next couple weeks. He is in training for his IPO titles. His markings are very dark and beautiful. xdog13mo sm.jpg xdog2 (2).jpg xdog1 (2).jpg toxic head.jpg toxic_w.jpg jedi_new (2).jpg xdog13mo sm.jpg xdog2 (2).jpg xdog1 (2).jpg toxic head.jpg toxic_w.jpg jedi_new (2).jpg

    Anyone interested in using him for breeding is welcome to contact me; X-Dog will be available to European bitches when his full health testing is done. Bitches must have full health testing and be vWD clear ( I don't breed to carriers) and have a solid temperament. We don't need MORE Dobermans, we need BETTER Dobermans! X-Dog is especially recommended for those breeding for agility sport due to his speed, athletic build and drive.
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