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Male Edser's Bailey

Mr A P Aldridge & Mrs M S Aldridge
Stud Service?:
  • No
  • I'd love you all to met my new boy, Kobi.

    After an initial visit with the breeder and meeting Mum and Dad, which I must say are very handsome. We decided on one of the pups. If my English home where bigger, the garden too i would have had both little boys.
    My son is 8 and called Bailey so with Kobi's pedigree set as Edser's Bailey that sorted that out.

    Previously, I've had a Lab x doberman (Jake) and a rescue full pedigree doberman called Max (viemarangelrock). Loved these boys with all my heart.

    But now my new adventure starts with Kobi, and oh boy I am ready for this ride :D

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