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Male Aaron

  • Hello everybody !

    Mig and Aaron are happy to be among you, the hairy just done 25 weeks while fellow now reached the door ...
    Aaron came into our family life now for 4 months with ups and downs in terms of approach to education, feeding and general management, but in the end and slowly everything is going your way.
    He grows .... grows, eats x 2 and always moves in a controlled manner (at least try) considering the age.
    Measured the height with 66cm and weight 34.8 kg, I hope not ef standards after 12 months.
    Health problems? someone like an infestation of intestinal parasites with of coprophagy (slowly'm solving)
    The most worrying and resolved at the time and was to a cutaneous histiocytoma at the top of the leg where he began his chest, removed promptly, I hope there are no repercussions in the future.
    Character .... here is the character !: in my opinion fully reflects the typical male doby: stubborn, disobedient from puppy to play (because it knows not to do so) and yet tries. Soft and cuddly with those who want him with me always shadow, every step I take I find him close ... close.
    I taught with apparent ease the various basic commands with bits of grain etc. and the clicker inevitable that I learned to appreciate right away.
    Today I made contact with a trainer who worked in the canine units of the police, next week I will start the courses for proof of usefulness and work experience that I would try .... I wonder if Aaron is okay
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