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    Not interested in eating...

    Thank you for your responses....especially Ripley! Clarke has not once acted as though anything is amiss, except for the food thing. Poops are nice and solid, drinking normally. I too have had a dobe that ate things then would not eat....that was my very first doberman 25 years ago. Have...
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    Submit your photos for the DCF "Strictly Dobermans" calendar contest here

    Clarke in the morning - this is an iphone photo, so not sure of resolution?
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    Not interested in eating...

    I am at a loss....starting last week; Clarke who is 5 and just had a clear echo & holter, has lost interest in eating. The only time I have had to hand feed a dog, is because they are in heart failure. Now back when Glory was in heat, he would not eat, but that was a different kind of not...
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    Del Nasi

    DPCA has a site called Dobequest. You can search breeders, look at the dogs pedigree, and DPCA has encouraged owners to put cause of death. That is how I discovered how many CH dogs have indeed died "while breeding" or "sudden death". I am thankful that some people are honest; but hate to see...
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    Female Doberman Incontinence

    I am on my third female, have only had males in the past, and all three of mine (from different breeders) had the inverted or "hooded" vulva....and they all leaked BEFORE they were spayed. And none were spayed before 2 years old. Our last female, my vet who I loved, had said it was the...
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    DPCA Doberman Pincher Club of America has a section of breeders on their website. Will this be your first Doberman?
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    Sense of Safety

    Great stories....I love the photo of Jasper in his harness too...makes him look like a police dog kinda! I too am from the burbs of Chicago, and now live in the country....I don't walk them at night, but I am out first light in the a.m. The other morning on a trail I frequently take, there...
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    My doberdoof and her extreme emotional intelligence!

    The most wonderful thing about owning Dobermans! They are incredibly favorite feature!
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    7mo Doberman-Leaving the House Help!

    Glad you are able to train her while home....that is the key - so you can reward quiet behavior. And when you practice going outside to listen; see how long it takes her to finally quiet down. Many just do it for attention, and when you leave, "sometimes" they give up the howling, and settle...
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    Freedom is cured

    So happy to hear the good report! He looks so happy to be "off the couch" and out doing what dobermans do best!
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    DPCA Nationals in October...anyone going?

    I took my two to the Nationals for Obedience and Rally Trials...thought I would share some photos. Glory achieved 2 legs towards her CD title, sat like a statue as I left for the off leash heeling :shock: so NQ'd...but she was pretty overwhelmed at all the Dobermans! Clarke got 3 legs towards...
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    Female started whining constantly and pooping in house.

    Good for you waiting to sounds as though she is going into season....their hormones fluctuate, and can in some cases cause odd behavior....being extra "velcro - ee" is one of them....perhaps the backsliding of pooping indoors is also. Might not be a bad idea to crate her at night...
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    Trusting his instincts

    And then there is that.....I experienced the same thing a year ago :( That kind of stopping is exercise intolerance...but you do need to pay close attention to tell the difference between Alert, and I'm tired...
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    Crop Pics - Lets see your style!

    I love them in the hat :hearteyes:
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    Trusting his instincts

    And it's great that you listened to him!!! They are very aware...and sense everything. Good job Buck!!!!